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I’m Out Here!

If you should find yourself outside of the norm, beyond the walls of societal systems and civilized institutions, you and I may cross paths. Together we might start a new norm. Our differences amount to strengths when they’re combined, and we’re not afraid to combine them. Out here we’re alchemists, we’re Sages, we’re healers. Some of us are redeemers disguised as disruptors, so you can bet we’re always being whatever we need to be to bring others to life. Judgements fall flat so we use them as doormats. Life is sometimes messy on the fringe, and we need a place to wipe the dirt from our souls. Desire for companionship outweighs the need for approval, so flattery falls even flatter than judgement out here. Let’s get together and contemplate the nature of existence while we’re climbing opposite sides of the same tree. There’s room enough for our whole tribe in this mighty oak. And as we transcend, above canopy and cloud, we’ll join hands and wonder about the earthlings toiling below us. Not that there’s anything wrong with toiling, mind you.

“Flight Lessons” from the Positive Infomercial Series (2011)

The Grand Providentia Projection is eventual. Change is perpetual. Reinvention is imminent. Expect the miraculous!

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Here and Now

There is an Abundance of Self-Worth Available for Us to Offer Ourselves, But First We Must Feel Worthy Enough to Accept the Offer (Continued)

Practicing the Art of Self-Worth (Part Two)

During the second night of my new job in the warehouse, I crossed the threshold of being a dedicated company employee and passed deep into the territory of being a foolish steward of my own sacred temple (body). I was now suffering from heat exhaustion. When I left the warehouse last Tuesday at midnight, I remember thinking I would be okay, everything would be okay, I just need to get home and get a good night’s sleep. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. When I crawled into bed after a cool shower, I was so disoriented, nauseous and dehydrated that I never really had a chance at getting even a few hours of sound and restful sleep. Instead, I just kept rolling around, trying to find the magic position that would ease the throbbing in my overheated head and body. I barely slept that night. On Wednesday I tried to recuperate some energy and hydration by drinking as much water and electrolyte sports drinks as I could stomach. Having cut way back on my sugar intake during the past few years, I needed to seek out something other than Gatorade or any of its overly sweet sports drink lookalikes. I’ve learned quite a bit recently about how to take care of my physical health, and that makes last week’s unhealthy decisions even more upsetting. I should not have gone in on Wednesday night, but again, I did.

“Angry Eyes” from the Hope Mill collection

When I arrived at work on Wednesday, I was well prepared with lots of water and energy drinks, pain medications, and the types of food that my intuition told me I could handle without feeling nauseous. But the one thing that really made a difference was that my outlook and attitude had changed between the moment I fell into bed the previous night and 3:30 PM the following day. Somewhere during those hours, I saw through the conditioned insanity of my wage worker mindset. I had been trying to prove myself to the company and all of my new coworkers, and I’d even been trying to prove to myself that I still possessed the physical prowess I once had, and meanwhile I had somehow forgotten to take care of the physical body that I had been using like a machine to try to prove myself. I am so grateful to be able to recognize the madness in some of my behaviors these days. It took me many years to see with any kind of clarity, the dysfunctional and self-defeating qualities of my own actions and intentions. For me, it has always been extremely helpful to write through the issues I’m up against, so once they are laid out before me, I can pour over them, looking for the moment where my thoughts began to lead me astray. I have almost entirely recovered as I’m writing this today. I’m still feeling some lingering adverse effects from the partially self-inflicted illness which came on a week ago. It looks as though I’ll be continuing on down the winding pathway in this wonderful journey, we call life!

“The Path” 2011 by Scott Joseph Moore

To finish off this exploration into the irrationalities of my own self-defeating behaviors, I would like to make an attempt to move to a higher level of self-care. I’ll do this by touching on the other situation that happened toward the end of last week (the one involving family). Here’s the gist of it. A member of my family, someone that I’ve grown to love and respect, made a series of unhealthy choices and ended up in the hospital. It was a motor vehicle accident. As you would expect, there were attempts at denial and the shifting of blame by this family member, even from the hospital bed, but it was obvious to everyone around this person, that the bulk of the responsibility for what happened was on their shoulders alone. How does this relate to my story about suffering from heat exhaustion? Because we both knew in our hearts that we were making these unhealthy choices, and yet we made them anyway. We can offer ourselves as much self-worth as we want. We can tell ourselves that we are as worthy as anyone else. We can even fool ourselves into believing that we are more worthy than others. But at the end of each moment, we can only accept the amount of self-worth that we’re feeling we deserve.

The Alt Unity

An Organization Founded in Fact & Fiction

Gathering Awareness – Entry #15

In yesterday’s journal entry, I touched on some of the early intentions and expectations I’ve been formulating pertaining to the fictional aspects of the Alt Unity (AU). Today, I’ll be venturing into the factual side of this new form of societal interaction. The AU will become a real-world entity, of that I am certain, so I would venture to say that it’s never too early to start visualizing what the objective manifestation of this ‘neo-unity’ might ‘look’ like. I also intuit that now is a great time to extend this open invitation again. So here it is – If anyone reading this blog feels as though they would like to get involved with the Alt Unity or the Grand Providentia Projection, please feel free to contact me here on this site, or through any of the platforms that I’ve provided links for on the Donate * Contact page. In the here and now, I am still the sole member of the AU, so if any of this resonates with you and you’d like to hear a more detailed explanation of the intentions I’m sending out, then I encourage you to contact me and ask any questions you may have. Whether you lean toward the fictional or the factual aspects of the Alt Unity, I have complete confidence in your decision to join, or not to join!

Thomas Edison’s inventive workspace – Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Fort Myers, Florida

Is it reasonable to suggest that many of the facts that are fully accepted now, were not accepted at all in moments past? I’ll assume this is true. Whether these facts were arrived at through inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning, they came to be accepted by the conscious collective, and that acceptance rendered them factual. In the case of the Alt Unity, there will need to be a foundation of factual functionality in order to stabilize the fictional realm of the organization. Participants who lean more in the direction of proven formulas, systematic administration, scientific observation and experiences based on the five human senses will likely gravitate toward the objective aspects of our Alt Unity. As with any unified group of people, there will be a need for structure, leadership, administrators and record keepers. Some will be organizing the moment-to-moment interactions between participants in the AU, while others will be seeking out and securing resources to keep the organization moving forward. Ideally, both the factual and the fictional participants of the Alt Unity will be working in unison to get us where our conscious collective is intending to take us. At this moment, the participants that I’m referring to are not factual (or real) at all. They exist only as thought constructs in my vivid imagination. This observation does not negate the fact that there will be participation in the AU, in fact, in certain ways it guarantees it. After all, does not the Universe always cooperate with our intentional output? Doesn’t it always provide? I would answer a resounding “Yes!” to both of these questions. I choose to live in a world of abundance, so that is where you’ll usually find me.

I hope you enjoyed the reading! As always, you are invited to comment in favor of, or against, any of the content I’ve expressed here. And if you’re absolutely in favor of it, then please subscribe to this website. I promise that it will only get more adventurous, and more real, as each new moment arises and subsides!

Film Journey in the Here and Now

Alt Unity – A Baseline Exploration

Gathering Awareness – Entry #10

Alt Unity is a term derived through the process of conscious invention. Whenever I can successfully manage to subdue my own scattered thoughts (ego), for even a moment, and in that moment, I establish a connection with consciousness at its Source, I discover that I/We each have direct access to all the knowledge, wisdom and creativity we require to evolve and thrive in this world. So, here is the definition of Alt Unity, given my current capacity to define it: Alt Unity is an evolutionary progression of community as we’ve previously understood it. Alt Unity is an offshoot of common unity (community), in that it is based on a different commonality, a different connectivity, a different unity between human beings. The unifying commonality that defines Alt Unity is our undeniable conscious connection with one another in the current moment. Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, no matter our level of conscious awareness, we are sharing, and influencing, the present moment.

Our Time Shared on the Bridge

In the previous paragraph, I put forth a preliminary definition of the Alt Unity, but I’m quite certain that the definition will always remain fluid, and the flow of the Alt Unity will determine its eventual manifestation in the physical world. To take it one step further, our collective conscious intentions (and Source) will be guiding the evolution of the Alt Unity until it becomes precisely what it is meant to be. It is what it is, and it will be what it will be. For some who choose to join Alt Unity, this will be a difficult concept to embrace. Giving over their control, and self-determination to the collective consciousness for any amount of growth or personal reward, will seem to be impossible. To others, it will feel more natural and liberating than any common unity they’ve ever experienced before. Imagine trusting, without reservation, that the world and your place in it, is evolving into precisely what it is meant to be. Trusting in the nature of what is, what has been, and what will be, is currently a baseline concept of the Alt Unity.

You’ll notice below that I’ve added a virtual tip jar. As a lifelong working artist, I’ve always struggled with the economic systems of this world. Early in life, I was given the message that creativity (art) was effectively worthless because it is a luxury rather than a commodity. That art is only worth something to those who can afford it. In the past decade, I’ve come to realize that those early learnings have not been serving me well. Creativity is what I have to offer. Creativity is what I do best. Your contribution will make it possible for me to create more. To be more.

Film Journey in the Now

A True Story, as Yet Unfolding…

Gathering Awareness – Entry #7

This is my understanding of our individual lives as human beings. As our true-life stories unfold, we are witness to the sum total effect that our past motivations, intentions and actions are having on our real-time journey, in the now. I’ve heard vehement protestations regarding this philosophy countless times. They’re made by well-meaning friends and family who cannot perceive, or refuse to perceive, that this idiom could be true. Many of these people hold firm to the belief that they are victims to the circumstances of, and innocent bystanders to, where they are currently situated in their own physical, mental and spiritual lives. They choose to live their lives as though they are not responsible for their motivations, intentions and actions, hoping they will not be held accountable for the results (successes or failures) they’ve created in their lives when all has been said and done.

Those of us who are consciously aware and living in the present moment are more likely to embrace the belief that we are the writers of own stories, the leaders of our own lives, and the architects of our own physical surroundings. In order to live an authentic existence, we feel compelled to accept accountability for the impact our intentions have on the world around us. We are motivated to send out intentions, knowing that every intention we send out has the potential to bring positive rewards or negative consequences, or both. In our awareness, we are prepared to accept all of the eventual implications our intentions have, not only the ones we are comfortable with.

Unintentional Beautification? – From the Hope Mill Collection

Some readers may be wondering, what does all of this talk about awareness and accountability have to do with my intention to earn a graduate degree in film? Here it is – I intend to create an ongoing, real-time documentary, infused with surrealistic and factual footage, blended in a way that defies the objective nature of our current physical sense perceptions. A true story, as yet unfolding…

In the next blog entry, I’ll be writing about the basic strategies I intend to use, to make manifest this intention. Thanks for reading today’s post, I look forward to meaningful interactions with some of you during our future moments together!