Mindful Creativity

I’m Out Here!

If you should find yourself outside of the norm, beyond the walls of societal systems and civilized institutions, you and I may cross paths. Together we might start a new norm. Our differences amount to strengths when they’re combined, and we’re not afraid to combine them. Out here we’re alchemists, we’re Sages, we’re healers. Some of us are redeemers disguised as disruptors, so you can bet we’re always being whatever we need to be to bring others to life. Judgements fall flat so we use them as doormats. Life is sometimes messy on the fringe, and we need a place to wipe the dirt from our souls. Desire for companionship outweighs the need for approval, so flattery falls even flatter than judgement out here. Let’s get together and contemplate the nature of existence while we’re climbing opposite sides of the same tree. There’s room enough for our whole tribe in this mighty oak. And as we transcend, above canopy and cloud, we’ll join hands and wonder about the earthlings toiling below us. Not that there’s anything wrong with toiling, mind you.

“Flight Lessons” from the Positive Infomercial Series (2011)

The Grand Providentia Projection is eventual. Change is perpetual. Reinvention is imminent. Expect the miraculous!

Thanks for stopping in to read this journal entry. Your mindful presence is always appreciated!