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Do You Call It Blazing or Bushwacking? – It All Depends How You Prefer to Create New Pathways

When a tree falls in the forest, sometimes it will block a well-trodden path. When the next person comes along, hoping to tread further through the forest, they’ll be faced with the choice of backtracking or bushwacking. If they don’t have the proper tools for bushwacking (e.g., a machete or a hatchet), and they still opt for making their way around the fallen tree, they may find themselves hopelessly hung up in a thicket. Or even worse, in my opinion, they may blunder face first through a heavily occupied spider web. But what if there is no path, and no one had passed this way before you to know whether a tree did or did not fall?


Since the moment I began to plan the “Cross-Country Road Trip to Gather Film Content”, my intuition has been reaffirming those evolving plans every step of the way. Regularly occurring synchronicities have been playfully inviting me to make the next move, without fear, and with trust in God and the Universe. All along I’ve stayed calm. All along I’ve remained focused on the higher purpose motivating me to take this journey. Even since the accident, the one that permanently disabled the only gas-powered transportation I own, I’ve still only had one or two moments of self-doubt, and they took place in waking moments past midnight, when these weaknesses can, and often do, get a foothold. I am presently confident that I should carry on. Continue making plans for the road trip.

From one person’s perspective, it may appear that I am hung up in a circumstantial thicket with spider webs covering my entire body, from another, the accident might be perceived as beneficial, an ironic blessing of sorts. More and more, I’m perceiving the accident as an occurrence of the latter type, and less and less I see it as the former.

“Beneficial Fire”

On my drive out of Savannah last Monday, I took a detour to the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge. When I first saw these flames, I was alarmed. How could anyone leave this fire unattended in the middle of all this pristine wilderness? What about all the beautiful plants trees and animals that would surely be burned alive? I almost had the urge to start stomping the closest flames and yelling for help. Then I came to my senses, remembering the process referred to as the prescribed burn. The forestry service now knows the benefits of allowing fire to burn through the underbrush and leaf litter to lessen the potential of a wildfire which could cause catastrophic damage to old growth forests and the wildlife living there. They know the proper time of year to allow this to happen, and in this case, they also know that the refuge is almost completely surrounded by swamp lands and brackish water. Instead of calling in the bucket brigade, I photographed the unattended, but presumably prescribed fire, and continued to make my way through the forest.

“Charred Floor”

Further along the trail I snapped this shot. It was evident that the fire had burned hot through this area, probably because there was a buildup of underbrush here, so the flames had fuel enough to clear all the lower-level vegetation from the forest floor.

As I am writing this journal entry, I’m recognizing all of the apparent parallels to be made between the story of prescribed burns, and the way I’m beginning to think about the car accident that landed, and stranded, me in Saint Petersburg, Florida for the past week. If the accident hadn’t happened, neither would all the wonderful interactions I’m having here, nor the quality time spent with Victoria and Chris (my adult children). Gratitude grows, day by day, moment by moment, when I stay focused on all of the positive circumstances and potential opportunities for growth that have sprouted up since the car crash on the first of March.

“Young Blades”

Personal growth has its own seasons and cycles. It is sometimes hard to see it in ourselves because we are distracted by past failures and badgered by our own self-deprecating habitual behaviors. When accidents happen, plans change, but there is no point in focusing on an event that is now in the past. Instead, we can strive to remain flexible, being kind to ourselves and others, all through the process of perpetual change.

Thank you for reading here! Your presence is greatly appreciated.

A True Story, as Yet Unfolding..., Film Journey

Higher Purpose

There is Infinite Intelligence at play within the systems of nature here on Earth. The same Infinite Intelligence that imagined the whole of the Universe into being. We commonly refer to this Infinite Intelligence as God, the Source, or the Creator. When we were imagined by God and given our earthly forms, the Omnipotent Creator must have been pleased beyond all our understanding, with the results. These bodies our spirits animate are incredibly complex, to the point that the greatest minds in human history have only begun to unfold the mystery of why life exists. Why us? Why here on the planet Earth? Why now? Our human bodies are forms extracted from the stuff of stars, planets and galaxies, and in their complexity, they mimic the infinite and forever-expanding Universe. These words are merely words. My intentions are merely hopes and dreams given life by the Spirit of God’s Creation. Yet, my higher purpose is something that I cannot deny no matter what becomes of my physical body. The God of my understanding created me with this higher purpose, this spiritual quest, embedded in the soft flesh of my soul, at birth. And when it is time for me to return home to the Heart of Source, I will go willingly, leaving only the memories and energies I’ve left behind through the work of my higher purpose. Some will surely remember me as a misguided person, or someone who was too sensitive, or maybe even as a man who had gone mad. Others will smile and remember me for the love I shared. But all these potential memories will never be manifested if I don’t follow my higher purpose. And all of the foregoing should explain just how important this creative journey is for me. Everything that I do, every decision I make will flow naturally from my higher purpose in life. From this moment forward, that is simply the way it IS for me.

“The Path”

I’m out on the road again, heading toward Key West and Mile Marker 0. I’m asking for your support, morally and spiritually, but also financially. There are certain things that I’ll require for this trip, and I’ll be making those specific things known over the coming days and weeks. For now, I’m merely asking you to give only what you can afford with a glad and generous heart. Every dollar will help! You can donate through this blog (on the Donate*Contact page), or you can visit my GoFundMe campaign page at –

I know that it is difficult for many people to let go of money, especially when the economy is so volatile, but I promise you that the path that I intend to take to achieve my higher purpose, will bring healing to our human family and restoration to our earthly environment.

Thank you for visiting the “Grand Providentia United” blog! I’ll be journaling here more often now that I’m living on the road. Please, stop in for regular updates.


Let it Flow, let it Flow, let it Flow…

While cooking eggs this morning, I was blindsided by a sudden and glaring self-awareness. A passing thought brought with it an unavoidable wake-up call. It was a thought that screamed ‘You are living your life like a fugitive! Stop this immediately!’. My shaking hand nearly dropped the spatula fully loaded with hash browns. I wanted to protest, but I knew I was toast. In truth, I knew that I was beyond toast. I was a burned piece of stale bread in the trash. There was no defense to offer. The case had closed as soon as it was opened. In a vision that can’t be unseen, its clarity eternally sharp, I stared with horror at the current state of my existence. I’ve been absolutely living like a fugitive, and this behavior absolutely needs to stop!

“What are you lookin’ at, Eggs!”

Let the banners be raised, and all in favor of stopping unhealthy behavior, say EYE! And how do I know that this fugitive mentality is unhealthy? Because it limits the totality of the man that I refer to as me. It curtails my inborn ability to present to the world the best of who I am and what I have to offer. If I choose to remain hidden, it is unlikely that I will be found, even by my own sense of purpose. And why, you might ask, have I been living like a fugitive? You may as well pose this question to the eggs I was cooking, because I can’t see reason, although I have been looking. You recommend I seek counsel, to evaluate my self-appraisal. Well, I say, it’s as plain as day that I’ve been hiding away, and the only solution is to adopt a resolution to put aside my pride and walk outside.

“This Terra is Not So Firma”

Now walking. Now learning. Now growing. With a farm-fresh perspective, hard won through the many misguided adventures of an explorer without eyesight, I’ve arrived at the understanding that I’ve done nothing wrong. At least not wrong enough to continue living this life like a fugitive.

Thank you, readers, for returning again and again to read this True Story as it unfolds…

Film Journey in the Now

Return to Hope

Production of a Portfolio Film – Post #4 Concept Development

Just like story books, films normally have a layout consisting of a beginning (Setup), middle (Confrontation) and end (Resolution). The portfolio film “Return to Hope” will follow this format, except that it will bend the conventional formatting rules. And hopefully, it will bend the rules just enough to turn some heads and open some minds. This being the first film I’ve ever produced, and due to the fact that my admission to the college is dependent on its various qualities, intuition is telling me that I must push some boundaries in order to create something special and unique; something the admissions board will appreciate and respect. In this journal entry, I’ll be disclosing the basic format of this film and the way the concept will drive the contents of each of the three sections.

One of the first places that “Return to Hope” will break from the norm will be in the way that the beginning, middle and end relate to one another. I intend to enhance the distinctive qualities of each section until they are almost detached, in terms of visual and audio, while also maintaining a unified cohesiveness, binding the three sections together through the use of an underlying theme and the expression of a strong moral message. In most contemporary films, the middle is lengthy and filled with happenings, while the beginning and end are usually shorter, and yet more impactful, as they are the place where the writers are hoping to setup a conflict for the audience at the start, and then resolve that conflict in the end. For “Return to Hope” the three sections will be very similar in length, perhaps being exactly three minutes each. Many readers will recall that this film must be no longer than ten minutes, per order of the great and honorable Admissions Board. So, that will be nine minutes for the film, and I’ll leave the last sixty seconds available for credits and outtakes.

Railroads Once Crossed It” First river, Hope, June 2022

The setup (introduction) for “Return to Hope” will be narrated from the viewpoint of the trees. Yes, I realize how bizarre that may sound to some of you, but I’ve been communicating with many trees as of late, and they never fail to deliver a viewpoint that is far outside of the understandings of our collective human intellect. The trees are very aware of our dysfunctional behaviors and yet they have an undying belief in our capacity to heal the damage we have inflicted on the ecosystem of their home planet. Trees are serene and enduring. Most of the stresses trees will encounter are perpetrated by mankind, and still, they continue to filter our air and water without complaint or even mild opposition to our actions. They know that the human tendency toward destructive behavior is non-sustainable and irrational, and they know that ultimately it could lead to a disastrous collapse of the biosphere we all rely on for life itself. But always, the trees wait patiently for us to see the error of our ways. These are just a few of the many important reasons that I intend to give them a voice in this film.

“Hear Me, Know Me” Anonymous tree friend

In the next journal entry, I’ll continue to focus on the first section of the film. I’ll likely dedicate one or two entries for each of the three sections. Although they will only be three minutes each, in length, they will be complex enough in terms of visual and conceptual content that I expect they will require adequate explanation on my part. It is a win-win situation for the ego and the observer though, because all of the writing I do here is intended to be an integral part of the creative process for the final product. Now I ask you, how fun is this?!!!

Film Journey in the Now

Return to Hope

Production of a Portfolio Film – Post #3 Unexpected Production Delay

Here and now, I am returning my focus to the making of “Return to Hope” (the portfolio film that I’m producing as part of the application process to the MFA program at the Savannah College of Art and Design). To any readers who have been patiently waiting for my attention to return to this blog, I feel obliged to offer you an apology and an explanation. Please accept my apology for having left you hanging for so long. I confess that it has been twenty-three days since my last journal entry. Please know that my deepest intentions are now motivating me to write regularly here from this day onward, at least until the project is complete. The reason for my absence was as simple and ordinary, as it was difficult and unexpected. Some of you may recall that my roommate unexpectedly informed me that she would be moving out and breaking her lease on the apartment where I was renting a room from her (see my post on September 26th for the details on that bombshell). She went on to declare that she would be moving out within two weeks. This left me in the precarious position of having to find a new room to rent from someone else, or entering into a lease contract with her, her boyfriend and his friend. I could not even imagine signing onto a one-year lease with the three of them, because we choose to live completely contradictory lifestyles. Without going into details, let me summarize our differences this way: while I am practicing making healthy lifestyle choices, they are living habitually unhealthy lifestyles. So, the explanation for my absence is that I needed to turn my attention to finding a new place to live, moving out of that unhealthy living situation, and moving into a more positive, and healthy, living arrangement. Well, I have found my new home, perhaps even until graduation from SCAD in the spring of 2025. I moved in over this past weekend and I’m excited to report that it’s the perfect place for me to thrive and create! Positive and progressive, healing and rejuvenating are terms I would wholeheartedly use to describe the atmosphere of the home I am now renting a room in. My new roommates are much more compatible and a lot less negative than my last roommate and I even have use of an outdoor space (backyard) that I didn’t have in my previous living arrangement. Now, I can get back to purpose. Reclaim the reigns. Move forward with the manifestation of destiny. Return to the “Return to Hope” project and continue the journey toward making the “Grand Providentia Projection” a reality.

A place to live and dream!

More to come, soon! Hopefully, tomorrow…