On the Bright Side: The Case for Eternal Optimism

We manifest the future circumstances of our lives by the lens we choose to look through today, and more succinctly, by the lens we’ve chosen in the current moment. If we are honest with ourselves and conduct an introspective inventory of our current outlook, we can immediately see a definitive connection between how we’ve chosen to view the world in the past, and the circumstances we are currently experiencing in our day to day lives in the present. If we choose to adjust our outlook (our lens), then the way we experience current circumstances will change in accordance with that adjustment. So, if you’ve habitually chosen to look at the world through a lens tainted by fear, then today the world will appear threatening to you, and the way you experience the current circumstances of your life will likely be clouded by distrust, defensiveness, frightfulness and worry, among a multitude of other possible negative emotions. Throughout my own life, I’ve ping-ponged back and forth between negativity and positivity so many times that I’ve become keenly aware of the consequences and rewards that each outlook can manifest in my daily circumstances. This is why I’ve chosen to champion an optimistic outlook in all my affairs. Regardless of what the outside world appears to be going through in terms of negative or positive circumstances, I can rest easy knowing that I have chosen to view the world in a positive way. This choice allows me to see more clearly and respond more productively to circumstances that arise, changes that occur, and difficulties that I encounter along the way. I’ve chosen to see the proverbial “cup” as being completely full.

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