Manifesto 2020 – Living by Clear Creative Design and Purposeful Intention -Throughout the Coming Year and Beyond.

Human beings are born creatives. From the moment of our conception, while living cells are dividing in order to create the unique stem cells of our specialized body parts, we are also growing into the unique people we are destined to become. Through a lifelong succession of evolutionary, hereditary and environmental influences, lifestyle choices, circumstantial road blocks and freeways of opportunity, we all arrive at each concurrent moment in our lives by natural growth and creative design.

Chris N I In my own life journey, I’ve long searched for a deeper understanding of the process of personal manifestation, and the intentional creation of a life worth living. I’ve been consciously seeking a life of deep meaning and profound purpose. I purposefully set my intentions, in the present moment, with the goal of creating a life filled with love, joy and fulfillment. As a creator of visual art, I’ve learned that the most powerful creative expressions are the ones we express from the core of our individuality as human beings. As we grow, we are becoming the individual we are intending to be, whether we are consciously focused on becoming that individual, or subconsciously accepting whatever role society and circumstances are dictating for us. As we are beginning the new decade, I challenge both friend and foe to be more and more of what they wish to become, with every passing moment, through each day, week and month of the year ahead. Follow your heart, your mind, and your spirit, to design and create the life that you desire. Conscious intentions are powerful energies that every one of us can learn to master. We are sentient, we are intelligent, we are designed to create. May we all manifest wonderful destinies, in the year 2020.

It is my intention to create remarkable and quantifiable changes to my life and livelihood during 2020. By publishing bi-weekly journal entries (Wednesdays and Sundays) here on the Grand Providentia United blog-site, I intend to document this year of change so I can more clearly see the transformations taking place. I welcome all comments, criticisms and concerns with what is written here. My work and ideas are inclusive rather than exclusive. I enjoy and appreciate connection with my fellow human beings, whether it is connection achieved through agreement or lively debate. So please, feel free to connect through conscious intention! 



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