“A Grand Roundabout”

This constant downward spiral to an eventual crash and burn, is unacceptable! The human race abounds with potential to heal and repair the Earth and ourselves. An about-face is necessary and appropriate. A U-turn to sanity, as it were. All of the greatest leaders in the history of humanity have pointed us in the direction of confidence, courageousness, compassion, and respect, while the vile and despicable despots have promoted fear, intolerance, hatred, and extermination. Have we grown so calloused as to embrace the most bestial qualities of human beings, while willfully turning our backs on those qualities which raise us out of loathsomeness and depravity? We have been stripping basic human dignities from each other for so long that we collectively feel inadequate and undeserving of basic human kindness. New technologies provide a distraction from healthy introspection, and so we rely on the latest gadgets and gizmos to entertain us, enthrall us, and keep us marching toward dehumanization, while moving us further and further away from our most powerful human potential. Whenever there is shared tragedy or disaster, we are all so impressed with the power of love and compassion to bring relief where there was previously only pain and suffering. Love expressed, is offered by humanity as its ultimate gift to a world in pain. Love alone, can turn this race around.


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