The Benefits of Embracing Change

We all live in a reality that is defined, perhaps even brought into being, by external and internal, perpetual change. Without change, there would be no way for us to perceive the passage of time. The concepts of past, present and future, are perceived of in terms of comparative experiential changes, in truth those very same changes are weaving the fabric of each individual’s life experience. Change happens, whether we as individuals, are in agreement with it, or not. The entire record of human history, would be unexpressed, were it not for perpetual change. All growth and decay, chaotic disruption and divine order, are forms of natural and everlasting change.


Despite all of this, many human beings enter into a lifelong power struggle with change. We either fear change, so we are constantly running and hiding from it, or we attempt to dominate it, by forcing our will upon the inevitable changes, hoping to sway the tides of change toward our own personal preferences. In my experience, both of these strategies are a setup for frustration and defeat.

DisturbedAll things and experiences are passing, ephemeral. All castles built with the sands of time eventually dissolve and return to the cosmic sandbox, to be reformed, regrouped and presented anew, somewhere further down the timeline.

This line of thought, invariably leads me to the conclusion that the healthiest strategy in dealing with change is to not only to accept it as part of our reality, but to completely embrace it and enter into its natural flow. Harmonizing with perpetual change can be liberating, exhilarating and effortless. Once we overcome the fear of losing our perceived control over the future, we also become wise to the idea that we were only fooling ourselves, thinking we could control external changes in the first place. It is here that I will insert the idea that we are all completely in charge of internal change, while external change exists on a plane which is beyond our control. However, when we are in harmony with external change and see it for what it is – inevitable, we can then devote more of our time and effort toward making changes within ourselves that are energetically in tune with the natural and perpetual change all around us. We can naturally become one with perpetual change, thus releasing the full bounty of potential benefits to our ever-changing life journeys.

ProsperWhen we were children, before we started regularly enforcing our will upon the world we lived in, we were more apt to view change as exciting and beneficial. As we grew older, and realized that all our expectations weren’t being met, many of us began to look at change with dread and fear, hoping only to survive it. By changing the way you perceive change, positive rather than negative, I truly believe that you can see through a child’s eyes again. Seeing change as a natural progression. Seeing it as healthy. Seeing it as growth. Seeing change as a lifelong companion on the highways and byways of your life’s journey.



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