“If We Manage to Raise Our Personal Perspective Above the Low Walls of Negativity, We Can More Clearly Envision the Brighter Horizons We’ve Been Searching For”

I intend to grow. I intend to know. I intend to find deeper meaning and a fulfilling purpose in this lifetime. The maturation of these intentions will surely lead to the manifestation of a clearer spiritual vision and a healthier world outlook. There is, however, a formidable barrier to be surmounted before I can hope to fully realize these potentialities in my personal life. Negativity is the barrier. Transcendence is the pathway to moving beyond said barrier. Transcendence is a loaded word. Religion has often lay claim to the act of transcendence as being only available to the chosen few. Namely, those who are righteous and faithful followers of the specific edicts of a particular “God” or “Gods”. I must firmly assert the idea that spiritual, mental and physical transcendence are life qualities that we should all aspire to, regardless of our theological beliefs. A strong spirit of hopefulness will always rise and prevail during times of hopelessness. A positive mental attitude is a sure way to repel the negative influences many of us encounter with regularity in our intellectual, professional and social lives. And, if our bodies are in peak physical shape because we’ve been focused on transcending a sedentary lifestyle by eating healthy food and exercising regularly, then we will certainly be better prepared to face any unexpected physical challenges, as well as the ongoing bodily stresses of everyday life. Developing a transcendent outlook, can be the difference between leading a life of quiet desperation or one of enthusiasm and joy. The world offers us access to plenty of negative energy, and if we choose to align our own energies with that negativity, eventually we might habituate our personal outlook to harmonize with the negative side of life. In any given moment, we can also choose to transcend the negativity and embrace the positive energy of light and love that the Universe is offering each of us. I say, choose to transcend!


“Systemic Regression Spurs Human Progression”

One of the obvious motivating forces behind any progressive change, is systematic failure. If a system isn’t working, then we are naturally motivated to change it. This is true with personal systems that aren’t working, and it’s also true of societal systems. The health crisis we are currently coping with, can simultaneously be perceived as microcosmic – As in, one individual’s systemic battle to overcome a disease brought on by a viral infection, and macrocosmic – In terms of the worldwide community’s response to the threat of an infectious disease which has ultimately revealed a multitude of weaknesses in our concerted global health systems. In both perceptions, and systems, there are apparent flaws leading us to a rational justification for progressive change. Progress is invariably a product of systemic change. Four Stacks          “Four Stacks” Photo taken at the decommissioned Steel Stacks, Bethlehem, PA.

Throughout the industrial revolution, industries relied on systems of production that are now considered archaic. These systems were designed by the best minds of those times, and undoubtedly they were initiated by intentions of progressiveness. The relics of our past ingenuity and progressiveness are scattered around the globe. They can act as signposts, pointing humanity forward, promoting the consistent evolution of progressive conscious awareness.

Ravine Grande Ravine, Port Au Prince, Haiti



“Show Me Your Roots”

These stories we are living can have as much meaning, as much impact (negative or positive) as we intend them to have. Do you have a story of immorality and self-destructive behavior in your youth? Perhaps this behavior was followed by personal redemption in your adulthood? Or maybe yours has a rags to riches theme? High school science teacher to black market methamphetamine production? Tireless struggle? Spiritual strength? Whatever your story has been up until now is your life history (past). In this very moment, new history is being written in the book of your life story. Through every word you utter, every action you take, every interaction you’re party to, your ongoing story has an impact on the world as a whole. Think of your story in terms of its capacity to have a social butterfly effect. Would you like to leave the world knowing that you’ve added more beauty than ugliness? More goodwill than animosity? Now, is always the only time you can decide to practice that goodwill, or make the effort to add that beauty.

Magic RootsWithout roots, trees could not stand through environmental storms. Without roots to our stories (where we have been until now), we would be unprepared to stand through the metaphorical storms of life, and therefore less likely to get where we want to be by the end of our personal story.

Setting forth the intention to take personal responsibility for the energy one puts out into the world is no easy objective. Many of us are raised in the belief that it is our right to behave however we want and the others “…will just have to deal with it!”. Therefore, it takes effort to switch certain social habits from self-centered (egocentric) to other-centered (altruistic). Nevertheless, we humans have an amazing propensity for rising above learned dysfunction and reorganizing our belief systems to harmonize with those that promise the most beneficial outcome for all involved. Humanity has historically risen to the challenges of pandemics and the fear-based (self-centered) behaviors acted out during those pandemics. During these times, if we were to consider the finest qualities of being human as those that bring the most healing to the rest of the world, then the quality of altruism (selflessness) would top the list. Intentional altruism will see us through this pandemic, as it has many times in our history. Practiced altruism also seems to be the healthiest personal strategy to adopt during (and after) this pandemic. Humanity is always Us.


“Upside Down, Moving Forward”

Looking ahead, I saw a vast expanse of bright white ice formations in all directions. In cloud-like arrangements, there were stacks upon stacks of the purest frozen snow fragments, stretched out to infinity. Constantly reorganizing, shifting without reason, floating in space. No signs of melting, no further freezing, no solidity, no liquidity. Only instability. Fully aware that I must find a safe pathway through this indescribable plasma-scape, I dared to venture forward. As soon as I decided to make my move, my heightened awareness desperately seeking a clear path through the white wilderness, I realized that I could no longer perceive simple directives like, up, down, forward and reverse. Perceiving only white upon white, with no defining edges, no shadow, no depth of field, I was stuck, immobilized, before I could begin. I was hopelessly lost in an alien reality.

In what was likely a nanosecond of subconscious free association, I had rendered an internal motion picture of the future before us. Exponentially evolving, yet familiarly unknowable.


We will find our way through this global health crisis just as we have found our way through countless others. We’ll tap into the greatest strengths we human beings possess while simultaneously overcoming our gravest weaknesses. And then we’ll move forward together, with a newly evolved awareness, one that has further matured in understanding and compassion for our shared human experience.    


“Simple Bird Song”

Three notes to lift veil, three to open cage door, the rest to set free, heavy hearts wanting more.  The spring cardinal sings and all healing resounds, notes venturing forth to find new fertile grounds. Bird song will remind us to join in the chorus, there is joy in a moment, and it’s waiting before us. Riding waves of spring bird notes and life’s smallest treasures, healing tides sooth our shores with sweet salty pleasures. Wake to a new day, let the swan song be done, sing with the free birds and dance in the sun. Wait not for tomorrow, heed the birds of today, their beckoning melodies may soon fade away.

Scott Joseph Moore

PA ParkSpring speaks of rebirth in myriad ways, harmonize with Spring’s spirit and be reborn.

When we disavow our intimate connection with the natural world, we not only betray our own body’s ability to heal itself, but we also risk losing a vital aspect of our physical and spiritual life force. We may one day lose the ability to harmonize our energies with those energies that are orchestrating the symphony of life. For those of us who feel nothing when the sounds of springtime fill the air, I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only hope and pray that you’ll hear the soothing sounds, on one fine day.