“Simple Bird Song”

Three notes to lift veil, three to open cage door, the rest to set free, heavy hearts wanting more.  The spring cardinal sings and all healing resounds, notes venturing forth to find new fertile grounds. Bird song will remind us to join in the chorus, there is joy in a moment, and it’s waiting before us. Riding waves of spring bird notes and life’s smallest treasures, healing tides sooth our shores with sweet salty pleasures. Wake to a new day, let the swan song be done, sing with the free birds and dance in the sun. Wait not for tomorrow, heed the birds of today, their beckoning melodies may soon fade away.

Scott Joseph Moore

PA ParkSpring speaks of rebirth in myriad ways, harmonize with Spring’s spirit and be reborn.

When we disavow our intimate connection with the natural world, we not only betray our own body’s ability to heal itself, but we also risk losing a vital aspect of our physical and spiritual life force. We may one day lose the ability to harmonize our energies with those energies that are orchestrating the symphony of life. For those of us who feel nothing when the sounds of springtime fill the air, I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only hope and pray that you’ll hear the soothing sounds, on one fine day.

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