“Upside Down, Moving Forward”

Looking ahead, I saw a vast expanse of bright white ice formations in all directions. In cloud-like arrangements, there were stacks upon stacks of the purest frozen snow fragments, stretched out to infinity. Constantly reorganizing, shifting without reason, floating in space. No signs of melting, no further freezing, no solidity, no liquidity. Only instability. Fully aware that I must find a safe pathway through this indescribable plasma-scape, I dared to venture forward. As soon as I decided to make my move, my heightened awareness desperately seeking a clear path through the white wilderness, I realized that I could no longer perceive simple directives like, up, down, forward and reverse. Perceiving only white upon white, with no defining edges, no shadow, no depth of field, I was stuck, immobilized, before I could begin. I was hopelessly lost in an alien reality.

In what was likely a nanosecond of subconscious free association, I had rendered an internal motion picture of the future before us. Exponentially evolving, yet familiarly unknowable.


We will find our way through this global health crisis just as we have found our way through countless others. We’ll tap into the greatest strengths we human beings possess while simultaneously overcoming our gravest weaknesses. And then we’ll move forward together, with a newly evolved awareness, one that has further matured in understanding and compassion for our shared human experience.    

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