Resistance IS, and Always Will Be, Futile!


I is The Master of Resistance, and as the Master, I knows some things. What I knows, you don’t know. So I feels quite superior to you. I is also the Master of Denial, so if you dare call I out, you will be kicked to the curb, exiled from the realm of I, and forgotten faster than an embarrassing pimple after popping. Don’t mess with I! Don’t compete with I, because I will always wins, no matter how low, I has to go. The friction I causes in the host body I commandeered is irrelevant, as long as I looks good. So when I takes you to the store to get make-up in order to cover your eye bags of insomnia, you better just act grateful that I cares about how you look. Forget that, I doesn’t care how you look, as  long as you don’t make I look bad. Leave everything to I. I is omnipotent.

Resistance to the way things are causes pain and suffering. Human beings are always making statements like – “Life is unfair!”, “It shouldn’t be this way!”, “I know(s) my rights!”, and my favorite “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” (remember I does everything and then some, so feel free to do anything). Our whole lives are wrapped up in layer after layer of resistance to what IS. Still, we are convinced that there is a better way than the way it IS. Every I on the planet, has a better plan. If it were I that created all of this, I would have done it different, and then I wouldn’t resist. But alas, I didn’t create a single star or planet, or even a dust mote within the vast expanse of Universal Is-ness. In the final analysis, I is powerless except when it comes to resistance of reality. I made a pact with my true Self, a pact of acceptance – I doesn’t have all the answers, in fact I doesn’t have any answers at all, just resistance. From this moment forth, I will take a backseat to Oneness with All That Is. Intuitive wisdom will rule over competitive ignorance. Love and acceptance will banish fear and resistance. “Resistance is futile.” Star Trek reference in honorarium.

Now that I has been used and abused to the point of insanity, let’s talk about you and me. Tomorrow’s entry will include a special gift. Thank you readers, for taking the time to read the Grand Providentia United Online Journal!



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