“Twenty Five Good Reasons to Thrive”

Thistle of Hope

Life as an optimist is boundlessly blessed. Positive circumstances surround those who focus on the goodness in their lives. What we think about, and what we turn our attention toward, will always flow naturally into our existence. Knowing love intimately, we recognize that it is eternal; without beginning or end. The world is flush with priceless treasures, for those who can perceive their ultimate value. There is a flavor for every taste. There is a depth of vision for every insight. There are harmonious sound waves to vibrate every spiritual core. Cool water. Sunsets and sunrises. A lover’s touch. Innocence of youth. Hearts filled with wonder. The mystery of the seasons, in both nature and our life journeys. Winding pathways, through landscapes of incredible beauty. Creativity. Procreation. The richness of individuality within our human family. Cultural diversity. Graciousness. Forgiveness. A bright light within, to brighten the lights of all. Celebrating the gift of each moment. Kindness is a mirrored reflection. In each and every act of love, there is the potential for tipping the scales in favor of Life.

We all know the negative alternatives to these ideals. Our free will gives us the option to choose between positive and negative perspectives. The choices we make, and the outlook we cultivate from within, will unerringly manifest our destiny.

Medallion I mentioned a gift in yesterday’s blog entry. I’m in the process of creating a new medallion for the “Grand Providentia” project. On a first come, first serve basis, I will gift the first five of this new limited edition medallion to the first five readers (in order) who read this post and message me on Facebook. For those of you who aren’t yet my friend on FB, please look me up – Scott Joseph Moore – and Friend me or message me there. I will also be giving away 5 of the classic American Dream Catcher medallions (pictured at left) to the 6th – 10th reader of this post. Thank you for taking the time to read the Grand Providentia United online journal!


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