Film Journey & The Alt Unity

Getting Down to Some Nitty Nuts and Gritty Bolts

Gathering Awareness – Entry #16

Transformative entertainment would be one way to describe where I’m headed with all of this. The blog, the growing involvement with film, the intentions to follow through on that growth by earning a graduate degree in film directing, the Grand Providentia Projection, and recently, the introduction of the Alt Unity are all flowing in the direction of a transformative entertainment experience. An immersive real-world experience, rooted firmly in our collective conscious intentions. I use the word transformative because I expect that the effects of what is to be manifested will be transformational for those involved directly with the production, but also for anyone who is attracted by the entertainment value of it. I expect also that it will be transformational for our planet, and all the lifeforms that inhabit it. In an expansive way, it might also transform our conscious connection with the Universe.

“Mechanical Attraction” – Providentia – detail

Here’s the idea in a nitty gritty nutshell: As an independent filmmaker, with the help of the Alt Unity, I intend to produce a continuous, reality-style, running documentary, which will be focused on the realization of the Grand Providentia Projection. Simultaneously, we’ll be producing a fictional version of the same story using all of the traditional movie making techniques (and hopefully introducing a few innovative techniques of our own). Here’s the twist – As the factual and the fictional productions are becoming a reality, we will introduce collisions, integrations, cross-migrations, and a number of other blending techniques to arrive at a place where no one person is ever really certain about which elements are fictional and which are factual. And all of this will take place under the umbrella of an organization that has been consciously conceived with the intention to aid in the healing of humanity, preserve the environment we depend on, and bring conscious awareness to the forefront of our decision making for the future.

During the coming three years, while I am achieving a film degree, it is my intention to grow the Alt Unity. Its growth will be measured in terms of human connections based on a common cause, and the support and resources gathered to bring this vision to reality. It is likely that it will be primarily internet based in the beginning, but I expect that it won’t be long before the hands-on work begins. It’s sure to be collectively transformational!