Film Journey

A Request for Your Support

Initiating a College Aid Fund

I’m kicking off a College Aid Fund. I will certainly need all the financial assistance and moral support I can get, if I am to earn an MFA in film at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The first patron to make a $40.00 donation to the fund, will receive the piece of artwork shown in the photo below. I will ship it for free to any destination in the continental USA. Details about the artwork are in the paragraph below the image. I thank you in advance for your generous donation!


A dear friend has stepped up to make the first donation to the fund.

This PDRD has been GIFTED to James!

Personal Dream Realization Device (PDRD)

This Personal Dream Realization Device was produced in cast stone for the American Dream Catcher project (circa 2010-2012). The project has since evolved into the Grand Providentia Projection. This particular PDRD has been in my personal collection since the first run of castings produced at Castings in 2010. I thought it would be fitting to offer it up as a special gift to initiate a College Aid Fund. If you make a $40.00 gift to the fund, I will sign the back with a personal note as follows: With all positive vibes to, (your name) – Scott Joseph Moore. As of now, I can accept payment through Venmo, Zelle or here on the Grand Providentia United blogsite via the Donate * Contact page. I will be offering a few more of these soon (sans signature), but this one is special! If it speaks to you, message me or donate quickly! This is a first come, first serve, situation, so once it’s spoken for, it will be on its way to its new home!

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