“Hey, how did I end up outside my body?”

Musical Totems

“Easter Island Revisited”

The vortex of my downward spiral increased to maximum velocity during the two years I lived in Groton. Suddenly I had the freedom to pursue every party impulse as soon as it arose in my dysfunctional existence. Pair that freedom up with the arrested development issues (another side effect of early-age heavy drinking) and I had concocted a dangerous elixir for use in the promotion of the devil’s work. It’s a damn good thing I’ve never had a penchant for violence, because surely I would have ended up a lifer in the prison industry. NO, I didn’t condone violence, and YES, I’ve been an optimist and a peace keeper, believe it or not, from the moment I was born. The more I drank, the more negative my approach to optimism became. Until finally, I was ensnared by the deepest depression, brought on by the depressants I was pouring into my temple every day.  And so, I became quite the cynical optimist. This I declare, in the bright light of absolute hindsight. Hold it! I mean stop the story train right now, because I have an announcement to make – I had an enormous amount of FUN back in those party days. I had well over a hundred close friends that I could call on to come out and play, at rock and roll shows, keg parties, bonfires, and all manner of puckish adventures. As post-hippy, merry-makers, we were gold medal winners. So, I ask myself: Why did I feel so terrible inside all the time, what with all that fun going on around me? I was self-destructive, out of control, and  experiencing suicidal tendencies for many years during my late teens and early twenties. Looking back now, it’s plain to see that the alcohol and other downers I was ingesting, were creating a vicious cycle of self-abuse, one that threatened to tear down the core values of my spiritual and emotional Being.

This narrative is leading up to the first, and most powerful, spiritual vision of my lifetime. I’ve come to the place now, where I can confidently say that the out-of-body experiential visions that I’ve been gifted with, are truly Prophetic in nature.


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