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Urgent Call for Support!Post #3

For any new readers and those who are unfamiliar with the focus of my creative energies in the now, I’ll round up this particular call for financial support by making the case as to why you might consider supporting this film and the “Grand Providentia United” cause.

Over the past fifteen to twenty years, I’ve been following, and sometimes pioneering, a path that is as esoteric as it is unpopular. A path seemingly traveled by just a few diehard dreamers who believe that humanity has everything it requires right now to heal the damage that’s been done to the Earth and to secure a positive and healthy future for all of its current and future inhabitants. Fellow travelers on this path possess an optimistic outlook concerning the future of humanity, while also remaining positive about the progress we’ve made thus far. In recent months, I’ve noticed a worldwide uptick of interest in the practices of mindful living and present conscious awareness, and although the interest seems to be geared toward helping single individuals improve their lives, rather than including the collective, I am certain that this is a move in the healing direction. This trend toward mindfulness certainly encourages me to continue pursuing the work of my higher purpose, but it is by no means the compelling force which has been guiding me on this intellectual and spiritual journey for most of my earthly existence. The universal term I’ll use here to describe that ‘compelling force’ is “the God within”. The God within has taught me to offer unconditional love to others while also offering and accepting unconditional love for myself. The God within has guided me on a path of deep gratitude. While I am experiencing life’s harshest tribulations, the God within reminds me that there are others who are suffering far more than I ever will, and that by continuing on in a spirit of love and gratitude, I will indeed be lifting others out of their suffering. The God within has taught me that all positive spiritual and intellectual change starts local, within the heart and mind of one human being, and then it moves outward, through the hearts and minds of those who are attracted by the essence of that particular call to change. All of my motivations, intentions and actions are now falling into line with the work of this higher purpose – to send out a call for positive spiritual and intellectual change. The change will promote the idea that human beings have more in common with each other than they have differences. The change will demonstrate that we are all connected at the level of soul through conscious awareness, and because of that conscious connection we are capable of creating happiness and healing hearts effortlessly, if we collectively choose to do so. We human beings are always capable of being so much more than we allow ourselves to be!

This is the framework for a 13′ sculpture my friend Scott Russo (pictured) and I pieced together and installed within a 48-hour time frame for an event we organized at Castings & Sculpture Services (2010?). We slept on the worktables the night before the event, just so we could wake up and get it finished in time for the show!
Billed as a large-scale model for a “conscious energy receiver” the piece included sound and light elements to add more impact to our presentation. But the real power contained in the artwork, was added by our combined conscious intentions to get it done on time. NOTE: For fans of metaphysical phenomena, look for orbs in both of these images. I took the photos and I had never before even heard of orbs, let alone captured them in a photograph!

The creation featured above was part of the “American Dream Catcher” initiative, during the years before that project evolved into the current “Grand Providentia Projection”. The intentional determination that both of these creative expressions should share the same philosophical ideology has given the work a life of its own. I know that I’m where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing. This project will evolve into something unique in the world. Something extraordinary! Something that will aid in the healing of our planet and our human family. I know that I cannot accomplish this alone, but I also know that I will rally the personal strength, the financial support and the resources, to make this worthy dream become a reality!

Please consider subscribing to this blog and making a small donation to the cause if you are able. Thank you for reading here, your presence is appreciated!

Film Journey in the Now

Return to Hope

Production of a Portfolio Film – Post #7 Concept Development

Confrontation (middle section of film)

The middle section of “Return to Hope” (confrontation) will be executed stylistically as a surreal visual and audio reenactment of the industrial revolution from beginning to end, all within a micro-timeframe of three minutes. Will it be a sped-up historical account of the industrial revolution in general? No. Will it be a shortened historical account of the industrial revolution as it pertains to the Hope Mill? No. What it will be, is an interpretive historic account of the creative processes I’ve used to produce it. So, it will be light on history, but heavy on eye and ear candy. In terms of connecting the subject matter of the mill to the history of the industrial revolution, I will add this bit of historical trivia I found when I was searching for a start date of the industrial revolution in the USA – “The beginning of industrialization in the United States is usually pegged to the opening of a textile mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in 1793 by the recent English immigrant Samuel Slater.” The previous statement is copied directly from The historic Slater Mill is a place that I have enjoyed visiting many times in my early life. The Hope Mill was also a textile mill, and the first wooden manufacturing buildings were erected in 1806, only thirteen years after Samuel Slater opened his mill. This small bit of information raises the historic value of the Hope Mill property significantly, I would say. This fact will also be largely significant during the preproduction stage of the documentary I intend to produce as soon as I graduate college in the spring of 2025. Breaking News Alert! – I’ve already set intentions to film a pilot episode of the “Grand Providentia Projection” in Hope, RI, as soon as I receive my diploma. I’m hoping that we (the Alt Unity) can also produce and install a monumental bronze sculpture somewhere near, or on, the mill property. This monument would be dedicated to the historic significance of the Hope Mill as it pertains to Rhode Island history and the history of the United States of America. It will also pay tribute to the men, women and (children?) of Hope who worked at the mill and made Hope into a prosperous and bustling mill town during the 19th century. I’ll write another bunch of journal entries on those plans once I’m finished with the production of “Return to Hope”. I am duly intent on staying focused!

“Once Proud, Now Brooding” From the Hope Mill Collection, June 2022

As most confrontations do, the middle section will start out fairly subdued in terms of imagery and soundtrack. The momentum of the imagery and the tempo of the audio will increase steadily throughout the three minutes allotted, until it climaxes, crescendos, and cuts to black and silence. The sequence of visuals will take the form of a rhythmic montage of industrial imagery. I have an elaborate piece of bronze sculpture that I cast back in 2007 that I’m currently in the process of putting a new patina on. The piece is titled “Trip Downtown/Industrial Revolution”. I created the original terracotta sculpture while attending classes at the Community College of Rhode Island and I added some elements and then produced a mold and cast a bronze from the mold when I was working at Bronzart Foundry in Sarasota, FL. When I was creating the original clay sculpture, all the way back in 1989, it was my intention to honor the Hope Mill and the village of Hope as well. It seems fitting to me now, that this artwork should appear in the film. I will not yet reveal all of the individual shots, or what I intend to do with the soundtrack for this section of the film, but I will say this, the confrontation will be chock full of dramatic sound and visual action. The greater the build-up of tension in this section, the more settling the resolution (end) of the film will be.

“Trip Downtown/Industrial Revolution” Dimensions of bronze – 30″H x 15″W x 12″D

Thank you for taking the time to read the “Grand Providentia United” blog! I really appreciate your prescence here. In the next “Return to Hope” entry, I’ll finish up with any remaining details about the central portion of the film and then I’ll move on to my plans for the ending, thus concluding the overall layout discussion. It won’t be long before I have some film to show!