The Alt Unity

An Organization Founded in Fact & Fiction

Gathering Awareness – Entry #15

In yesterday’s journal entry, I touched on some of the early intentions and expectations I’ve been formulating pertaining to the fictional aspects of the Alt Unity (AU). Today, I’ll be venturing into the factual side of this new form of societal interaction. The AU will become a real-world entity, of that I am certain, so I would venture to say that it’s never too early to start visualizing what the objective manifestation of this ‘neo-unity’ might ‘look’ like. I also intuit that now is a great time to extend this open invitation again. So here it is – If anyone reading this blog feels as though they would like to get involved with the Alt Unity or the Grand Providentia Projection, please feel free to contact me here on this site, or through any of the platforms that I’ve provided links for on the Donate * Contact page. In the here and now, I am still the sole member of the AU, so if any of this resonates with you and you’d like to hear a more detailed explanation of the intentions I’m sending out, then I encourage you to contact me and ask any questions you may have. Whether you lean toward the fictional or the factual aspects of the Alt Unity, I have complete confidence in your decision to join, or not to join!

Thomas Edison’s inventive workspace – Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Fort Myers, Florida

Is it reasonable to suggest that many of the facts that are fully accepted now, were not accepted at all in moments past? I’ll assume this is true. Whether these facts were arrived at through inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning, they came to be accepted by the conscious collective, and that acceptance rendered them factual. In the case of the Alt Unity, there will need to be a foundation of factual functionality in order to stabilize the fictional realm of the organization. Participants who lean more in the direction of proven formulas, systematic administration, scientific observation and experiences based on the five human senses will likely gravitate toward the objective aspects of our Alt Unity. As with any unified group of people, there will be a need for structure, leadership, administrators and record keepers. Some will be organizing the moment-to-moment interactions between participants in the AU, while others will be seeking out and securing resources to keep the organization moving forward. Ideally, both the factual and the fictional participants of the Alt Unity will be working in unison to get us where our conscious collective is intending to take us. At this moment, the participants that I’m referring to are not factual (or real) at all. They exist only as thought constructs in my vivid imagination. This observation does not negate the fact that there will be participation in the AU, in fact, in certain ways it guarantees it. After all, does not the Universe always cooperate with our intentional output? Doesn’t it always provide? I would answer a resounding “Yes!” to both of these questions. I choose to live in a world of abundance, so that is where you’ll usually find me.

I hope you enjoyed the reading! As always, you are invited to comment in favor of, or against, any of the content I’ve expressed here. And if you’re absolutely in favor of it, then please subscribe to this website. I promise that it will only get more adventurous, and more real, as each new moment arises and subsides!