Cosmic Overview

The Grand Providentia Projection – Where We Now Stand… United.

The following post was copied from my Facebook Profile page and pasted here on the Grand Providentia United blog.

In Transit

Transitions are as natural and integral to the human experience as are nocturnal dreams. Intuitively, I know that most of my personal transitions are happening at the same pace whether I am asleep or awake. In fact, it seems that the majority of ‘heartland’ transitions occur at night, on dreamscapes conjured by a collective subconscious mind. In the material world, physical transitions are largely a matter of logistics – we make our plans and follow through with actions to transition from one place to another. Our dreams follow. Our dreams lead. We are eternally in transit, while we are here, and when we move on.

Scott Joseph Moore

“American Dream Catcher” – Personal Dream Realization Device

Manifesting a Career in the Arts

I’ve read quite a few biographies about people from various backgrounds and professional fields of study. Because of my interest in the visual arts, most of them were written about artists. One particular artist’s biography that deeply resonated with me is Christo’s (Christo Vladimirov Javacheff – 1935–2020). Many of my friends from RI may remember him as the artist that wrapped the cliffs and beachfront in Newport, RI in 1974. That was one of his lesser-known projects. One of his biggest undertakings was in Germany, where he wrapped the Reichstag Parliment Building, in 1995. During his artistic career Christo conceived of and installed, in creative partnership with his wife Jeanne-Claude Denat, multiple large-scale projects all over the world. He funded them all with proceeds from the preproduction artwork and all of the materials (content) gathered from the concept development stages of the project. He lived a very simple and inexpensive lifestyle. As I remember, he never even owned an automobile or acquired a driving license. He was too busy creating his art.

13′ Prototype for Conscious Energy Receiver (2011)

Making a Way

I am in transition. I’m transitioning out of the hourly wage lifestyle of a blue-collar worker and into a creative career where I will rely on patrons and supporters who appreciate and add value to the artwork I create. I’ve already put enormous amounts of creative energy into the “Grand Providentia Projection”. I expect to be adding to, and compounding, those energies until I move on from this place. This is to be my masterwork in the arts.

Preproduction Phase 1 – Produce a small scale “Providentia” bronze sculpture with moving part(s), light, and possibly sound, to sell as a promotional fundraising element and to attract resources for the large-scale “Grand Providentia Projection(s)”. Limited to 50 castings (plus one AP), the tabletop edition will be 12″ tall and weigh approximately 30 pounds. The first ten of this reduced scale edition will be priced at $4,500.00. The price for the remaining 40 is likely to increase as the larger project becomes a reality. For anyone who is ready to invest in one of these works of high art, I will require a third deposit to reserve a signed and numbered bronze sculpture. Because the process to produce these sculptures has only just begun – it is currently being digitized and reduced – I estimate that the first 10 will be ready to ship in early 2024. These are exciting times and I expect the excitement to grow as the Grand Providentia Projections are made manifest.

“Providentia” – Peace

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