Life is Wonderful!

Big Trust

I’m in a familiar place. I’m navigating the transition between an earlier, less evolved, version of myself and what I am to become. My feet have left the ground again. I am mid-leap and quite uncertain of how the future ground plane will have unfolded when I land. If I’m honest with myself, it becomes clear that none of us ever really knows how it will unfold anyway. There are so many mysteries to be solved in our lives, and so many more that were probably never meant to be solved. An understanding of this universal truth has taught me to trust in what will be, because any other strategy feels like a struggle. This is the third major leap of faith I’ve taken in this lifetime, and the lessons I’ve learned while going through the previous two transitions will surely see me through this one. And so, I must trust. In my experience, all trust, including the trust I have that all will be well today and in future days, must be earned by taking action. The actions we take today will ensure that the trust we have for a happy tomorrow has been well-placed. Mid-leap is primetime to take action because the leaper needs to prepare for an optimal landing. After all, what good would a leap of faith do, if it ended in a crash landing?

“Fantella Holds Terra Firma” Freshly painted, it is the first item up for bids, in the Mini Online Auction.

The action that I took this past Sunday, introducing a new series of online art auction videos, is just one of many more to come, as I am busy attending college and preparing for a career in filmmaking. I wanted to invite the readers of this blog to the Moore Art Expressions Facebook page to watch the video and decide whether you’d like to bid on the artwork there. Here’s the link – if you’d like to learn more. The bidding process ends today (11/30) at 5:00 PM EST. Sorry for the short notice, but if you’d like to enter a bid, it will have to be today!

As always, thank you for visiting the Grand Providentia United blogsite! I hope that you will subscribe and return often!

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