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Urgent Call for Support!Post #2

In this, the second of three posts dedicated to this call for support, I’ll introduce you to the Personal Dream Realization Device, also known as the American Dream Catcher medallion. I designed, sculpted, molded and cast the first run of PDRDs back in 2010. The medallions were designed and created to be an integral part of the American Dream Catcher Initiative. The focus of this initiative was the “American Dream Catcher” bronze sculpture, which has since evolved into “Providentia – A Harmonic Dream Conservatory” (See image below). This 42″, 100-pound bronze sculpture was intended from the start, to be a small-scale model for multiple monumental size pieces. Each of these large-scale bronzes would be collaboratively produced at 16′ tall and installed around the globe, as focal points to receive and transmit the positive conscious intentions of the collective human race. During concept development discussions at Castings & Sculpture Services, we often referred to these sculpture installations as being like acupunctural therapy on the planet Earth. What I refer to today, as the “Grand Providentia Projection” has its roots in the fertile spiritual and intellectual soil of the American Dream Catcher Initiative. For those readers who’d like a more comprehensive history of the American Dream Catcher and how it evolved into Providentia, I can point you toward my Facebook page. During the 365 days of 2021, I wrote a post each and every day; I called it Perspective Collective 365. It was the first time I have ever completely followed through on a New Year’s resolution in this lifetime. If you’re willing to take the time to scroll down through the posts, all the way back to 5/26/21, you’ll see the first post of “The Evolution of Providentia”. The story spans 79 posts, from May through August 10, and then nine more posts during the first nine days of November. Even if you don’t care to read the posts, I’d be greatly honored if you’d send me a friend request!

The American Dream Catcher (Left) is now “Providentia”

Now, moving on to the Personal Dream Realization Device, aka – the American Dream Catcher medallion.

The American Dream Catcher – Personal Dream Realization Device

Here’s how they work: If you happen to have any intentions, goals or dreams that are worth pursuing, then a PDRD can be a valuable tool to have in your pocket or on your desktop! Whenever you are making a decision that might be critical to the manifestation of those intentions, goals and dreams, simply focus on the medallion and let your intuition guide you in the right direction. At the center of the PDRD is a stylized representation of a human figure with arms upraised. The golden orb is representative of our consciousness and our ability to manifest our dreams. The black and white orbs on either shoulder are there to remind you that your decisions, and the actions you take based on those decisions, are the deciding factors in bringing you closer to, or further from, your goals and dreams. If you happen to be a positive person and you’re seeking what you consider to be positive goals, then gauge each decision based on how much closer it will bring you toward the white orb. If you are a negative person and you’re seeking to dominate others or destroy the world, then you should gauge those decisions on how much closer they’ll bring you to absolute blackness (the other orb). The orbs on either shoulder do not necessarily represent right or wrong, or good or bad, but they can represent those values if you decide that they should. Personally, I’ve chosen to designate the white orb as being pure positivity, and each decision that I make which moves me in that direction, will bring the best results for all those who may be affected by that decision. A Personal Dream Realization Device can be a powerful meditative tool, acting as a focal point in the manifestation of all your deepest dreams and desires.

Get your PDRD today! For details see the last journal entry (below) here on the Grand Providentia United blogsite.

In my next post, I’ll present the case on why I think you should claim one of these medallions, and furthermore, why you should share your hard-earned money with this cause. Right now, I just want to thank you for reading this post and for sharing some of your attention here!

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