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An Urgent Call for Support

I awoke this morning, with a spirit on fire. I awoke with a mindful commitment to my higher purpose. I awoke with a physical body that is well prepared for the journey that lies ahead. I awoke this morning with an all-encompassing conviction that I am following the unwavering guidance of the God of my understanding. I know this morning, that I am precisely where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing, and feeling how I’m meant to be feeling. I’m ALL in!

I have fully embraced the understanding that I cannot follow my higher purpose without support from other similarly spirited, and likeminded, people. So, here I am, asking for your financial support. As an aspiring independent filmmaker, I am already aware that I will need to be looking to investors and financial supporters to raise the money needed to produce each and every film project that I choose to pursue. Right now, I am fully committed, in mind, body and spirit, to producing “Return to Hope”, a film that will also launch my independent film career when I graduate in the spring of 2025. For those of you who aren’t regular readers of the “Grand Providentia United” blog site, I recently announced that I’ve set intentions to film the pilot episode of the “Grand Providentia Projection” documentary in Hope, Rhode Island, the mill town where I grew up. For those who would ask how much I’ve personally committed (financially) to this purpose, I can honestly say that I’ve invested well over $20,000-, so far. Between buying the camera equipment that I needed, trips to Hope from PA, moving to Savannah from Allentown, and making two other residential moves since arriving here, I can testify that I am fully invested in this cause.

This camera and the equipment with it, are entry level (recommended for film students). I’ll describe each piece of equipment pictured here in a future post.

This journal entry is the first of what will be an ongoing fundraising campaign. The specific and immediate need for the “Return to Hope” project is that I am hoping to raise funds to take a road trip to Hope, in late November or early December, to shoot some positive interviews with Hope residents which will be included in the film. Return to Hope must be completed by February 2nd of 2023, in order to submit my application to Savannah College of Art and Design on time. My current day-job at the warehouse (see previous post on this blogsite) is not adequate to the financial requirements of making this trip. Please read on, to see how you can help in this cause!

Classic American Dream Catcher Medallions – Personal Dream Realization Devices (numbered one through five). One of these could be yours! I will also describe in detail, the concept and meaning behind these powerful objects of art, in a post, later this week.

Here is what I’m asking of anyone who has read this far – Whatever you can afford to donate today, I would be extremely appreciative of, even five dollars would help greatly! And if you’d like, I’ll send you a personal thank you for your donation (you would simply need to give me a way to contact you). For the first five donations over $50.00, you can select one of the five unique pieces of artwork pictured above. But be sure to message me here, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn with the number of the PDRD that resonates with you. I’ll put it aside as spoken for. I painted and signed them personally over the past weekend, and I will ship them, free of charge, to any location in the continental USA. If you are located internationally, then I would need to find out the cost to get one to you. After these five are spoken for, I have only ten others that I will paint and offer up during the coming weeks. Before I can cast any new medallions (quite possibly never) I will need to remold the piece. I intend to design a newly updated medallion, specific to the Grand Providentia Projection as it has evolved up til now, during the near future of now. After all, it is always now!

Seriously and sincerely though, as I know times are financially tough for a lot of folks around the world, I would ask that those who are unable to donate at this time, please consider subscribing to this blog. I fully appreciate, and I’m ready to embrace, any support you are able to offer!

At home in Savannah, GA.

If this project, or my higher purpose, speaks to you spiritually, mindfully or physically and you’d like to support either or both financially, then the easiest way is through the Donate * Contact page on this site. You’ll be asked to open a WordPress account (free) and then you’ll be able donate through a secure payment process, and you’ll also be able to ‘Like’ the posts that you like, comment on the ones that you have something to say about and subscribe to the Grand Providentia United blogsite. If you want to donate, but not through WordPress, then you can contact me here, through FB messenger, on LinkedIn, or send an email to and I’ll offer other options for you to consider. Thank you so much for reading this call for support! I’m grateful for the time you’ve been present here!

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