College Aid Fund

For the Serious Art Collector

Investment Opportunity Support a Living Artist & Aspiring Filmmaker

“Fortuna” * $3,500-

“Fortuna” (pictured above) is a one-of-a-kind, bronze sculpture. The piece features a 5″ x 1.5″ pentagon shaped, beige marble base. The overall measurements are 27.5″ H x 10″ W x 7.5″ D, and it weighs about 30 lbs. This sculpture is unique in all of the world. Unless someone else attempts to make a copy of the work, it will remain completely unique. The mold deteriorated and was destroyed about five years ago. The first bronze that I cast from the mold was titled “Suckerfish Ball” (pictured below). The fish figure on the first casting was poured with a metal commonly referred to as white bronze, giving “Suckerfish Ball” its distinctive metallic look. “Fortuna”, on the other hand, is cast in Everdur Silicon Bronze – an industry standard alloy that is about 96% copper. I applied a warm-toned, polychromatic patina to the finished bronze, because I wanted to give the piece a more realistic (koi fish) color palette. The metallic tones on the band around the ball and the decorative dollar signs are where I decided to use a transparent patina to let the bronze show through.

“Suckerfish Ball” now resides in the collection of Phil and Lyn Rogers in Tennessee. “Fortuna”, at the top of the page, is currently looking for her forever home!

I chose to change the title and the patina of the second casting to give “Fortuna” a more positive presence. The original concept for the sculpture was asking the question “What are people suckers for?” Money, play and stardom were the three answers that I focused on when I sculpted the ball portion of the piece. When I transformed the second casting into “Fortuna”, I intended to show how money, play and stardom are not negative in and of themselves, they can also be representative of good fortune.

In the current moment, I am offering up “Fortuna” to raise money for tuition to attend college and expenses related to the initiation of the “Grand Providentia Projection – A True Story as Yet Unfolding…”. The price to buy this bronze sculpture is $3,500.00. The cost includes shipping to any address in the continental USA, and sales tax, which I will be sure to pay if it is sold. This is actually a very reasonable price for this sculpture. If you look around at comparable bronze artwork, by living artists, I’m confident that you will see what I mean when I say reasonable. You can also visit my Saatchi Art website at, to see how I’ve priced my artwork there. Keep in mind that Saatchi Art takes a 35% commission from the sale price, and I would also need to prepare the work for shipping (build a crate).

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