Film Journey in the Now

Return to Hope

Production of a Portfolio Film – Post #2 Concept Development

The first steps toward concept development have been taken, but the process of refining the concept and zeroing in on the message I’m attempting to convey will continue throughout the production of the film. It’s possible that it may even require some tweaking during the post-production phase of the project. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, post-production is at least two months away!

So, the seeds of awareness were planted more than fifty years ago, at the edge of the Hope Mill spillway while I watched the unnaturally vibrant colored water flow by. The whole experience was my first exposure to the deceptive qualities of industrial ill intent. The mill owner, or maybe it was the manufacturing tenant who was renting the space, had made the decision to put profits over public welfare and may have also knowingly endangered the health of the environment we depend on to live. I wish I could report that this was a onetime experience, and that I never witnessed another business doing the same thing, but, in all honesty, I cannot make those claims. I lived in Hope until I was fifteen and explored the wooded banks and waterways of the Pawtuxet River as far downstream as the Phenix Sportsmen’s Club in West Warwick, and all along its route there were businesses and mills polluting its waters. The EPA was established by President Nixon in 1970. Much of the pollution I’ve been describing here was curtailed after the federal regulations were set in place. Unfortunately, some of the damage that was done during the heyday of the industrial revolution has yet to be, and may never be, repaired.

Somewhere Along the Banks of the Pawtuxet” – June 2022

The production of this film will involve a delicate balancing act between exposing the intentionally destructive choices human beings have made (some having caused irreparable harm), and our ability to redeem ourselves and our environment by making wise decisions and sending forth positive healing intentions. Personally, I refuse to give up on hope. And yes, I am referring to the Village of Hope where I grew up, and to the aspirations I now embrace. Aspirations to restore humanity’s hope for a happier, healthier future for us all.

“Homeless Cat, Under the Arkwright Bridge” – Arkwright, RI, June 2022 (the bridge was built in 1888)

I’ll delve deeper into the process of concept development for “Return to Hope” tomorrow. And, in case you’re wondering, I’m hoping that by the end of October, I’ll be able to start previewing the first film clips from the project. Thanks for stopping by to read the Grand Providentia United blog! As usual, all comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated. Please subscribe if you would like to receive notifications when I make a new journal entry!

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