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A New Request for Your Support

The next items to be gifted for your donations to the College Aid Fund

The next items that I’m offering as gifts to those who donate to my recently initiated College Aid Fund are these Turtle Tide Bookend sets, designed by Alexa Sims at Moore Art Expressions and hand painted by yours’ truly, Scott Joseph Moore. These are sure to put a smile on the face of your wee folks!

These cast-stone bookends can be personalized by me (on the scrolled nameplate up front), or I can leave them blank and send along some paint and a brush when you figure out who you’ll gift them to!
Each of the pair are approximately 5″ tall x 4.5″ wide x 3″ deep. Sorry, but the books aren’t included!

I’ll gift these whimsical bookend sets to the first 5 Friends who donate $75.00 or more to the fund. I will need to paint them as requests come in, so please give me two weeks lead time and I’ll ship them out at no extra cost (as long as you are located in the continental USA). I know for sure that they’ll be appreciated as re-gifts to expectant mothers when you pair them with a couple of baby books to gift at their Baby Shower! That’s how I gifted this pair to a coworker in Allentown. Or maybe you already know just the right little bookworm who loves turtles, sand and sea life. You might even decide to keep them for yourself, as retro memorabilia from the Moore Art Expressions days! As of this moment, the easiest ways to donate are through Venmo, Zelle, or here on the Grand Providentia United site on the Donate * Contact page.

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