Film Journey & The Alt Unity

How to Join the Game of Alt Unity

Gathering Awareness – Entry #14

There are two pathways to becoming a member of the Alt Unity – There’s the fictional pathway and the factual pathway. The two pathways of membership are equally supportive of the Grand Providentia Projection (GPP), and both of them are of equal importance to the Grand Cause. All memberships to the Alt Unity are based on your free will decision to join. There are no commitments or requirements to be a member of the Alt Unity beyond your free will decision in the current moment, so please, come and go as you please! As the Alt Unity grows and real-world opportunities arise for its members to get more involved with the GPP, it will be entirely up to you whether you’d like to venture further, commit more, pursue a different role within the Alt Unity, or move away from it toward something else entirely.

Landfill Man Part II, Recycled” Photo – Halloween, 2006

The first pathway to join the Alt Unity, and the one I’ll be writing about today, is the fictional pathway. It’s the ‘Let’s have some fun!’ pathway. In all seriousness, there is nothing serious about it! The fictional elements of the Grand Providentia Projection will be designed and executed much like a role-playing game. As with most games, there will be rules of play, but I’m willing to expect that they will be simple rules. Indeed, fun rules! Think fantasy! Think science fiction! Think theatrical, metaphysical and paranormal rolled into one! There will be lotteries, giveaways, celebrations and plot twists. Casting calls, artist calls, conference calls and music halls. A word of warning though, if you should choose this pathway into the Alt Unity, you may find yourself questioning the nature of reality more often, pinching yourself to see if you are simply dreaming more often and wondering when and how this fantastic game became your real-world reality. But please don’t be nervous, it will all be imagined and co-created in the pursuit of our most meaningful dreams!

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