Film Journey & The Alt Unity

To Where, Does the Alt Unity Flow?

Gathering Awareness – Entry #11

Collective conscious intentions, with the crucial assistance of Source, will guide the flow of the Alt Unity toward where it is meant to be in each successive moment. I am currently feeling the urge to apologize to many of those who have been reading this blog. Some of you may be exhausted by the other-worldly nature of my writing. I can imagine your frustration, especially if you are looking for facts or something solid to hang your metaphorical hat on, and all I continually provide you with are riddles within riddles. It’s ridiculous! Instead of apologizing though, I’ll now turn toward reason, rather than continuing to entertain metaphysical imaginings. Specifically, I’ll spell out the reason that I’ve decided to initiate the Alt Unity at this moment in our shared story of humankind. To accomplish this task, I will need to describe the reach of the intentions already sent forth and the ultimate expectations of the outcomes yet to be manifested by those intentions. And beyond that, I’ll need to give you an explanation of where I am at in the here and now, and where I’m expecting we’ll be in the perceivable future.

The Cosmic Picture

The most practical description I can currently formulate, of what the Alt Unity will become, where it will be located physically, and how it will manifest positive change, is as follows – The Alt Unity will become a worldwide creative projection, intended to heal and preserve the human race, to replenish and protect the Earth’s environment and its inhabitants (on which, our physical survival depends) and to promote broad reaching societal change that will sustain the viability and relevance of our shared efforts toward these primary objectives. It is intended that the Alt Unity will remain unbiased as it relates to race, religious belief, cultural origin, political ideology, or any other defining characteristic that points to our differences. Instead, the Alt Unity is intended to remain focused on only the aspects of humanity that we share. Our commonalities.

The Alt Unity will manifest, in the physical sense, as a series of large-scale collaborative creations, placed intentionally at specific locations around the world. These creations will act as focal points and gathering sites for the reception and transmission of collective conscious intentions. The visual appearance of each of these focal points will be designed through a conscious creative collaboration, each creation having its own unique interpretation with relevance to the specific location on the globe and the cultural heritage of its local inhabitants.

And this creative projection of collective consciousness will be the subject and the object of the “True story, as Yet Unfolding…” The surrealistic documentary that I am intending to create once I am versed in the language of film.

Rainbow Mills” from the Hope Mill Series

Thank you for the moments of your presence here!

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