Film Journey in the Here and Now

The Alt Unity Begins

Gathering Awareness – Entry #9

I was recently speaking with someone I’ve grown to truly love, even though we haven’t known each other very long. I was surprised and somewhat confused when she said that she was concerned that somehow the love I was feeling for her wasn’t actually love because I tend to look for, and see, the best in everybody, not just her. I was taken aback, unprepared to defend my outlook or even offer her an explanation for the love and admiration I had been expressing to her. Momentarily I gathered my thoughts, and consulted my heart, and then I admitted that she was correct in her assessment of my tendency to see the best in people, but I went on to explain that the tendency wasn’t the driving force behind my love for her. I further explained that the love I’d been offering her, was an expansive expression of the love that I have for myself and many others, and naturally it included her. Still seeing the doubt in her eyes, I went on to describe my understanding of love – how I see love. As you might imagine, I’m visually oriented, so my description was indeed a visualization. Imagine that each of us carries a sphere of love within us. The sphere expands and contracts in direct relation to our capacity to offer others unconditional (pure) love. And yes, our capacity to love others is inextricably tied with our capacity to love ourselves, unconditionally. There is one other feature to this visualization that I’ve come to understand recently. When we give love freely to others, without expectations or conditions attached, the sphere (our capacity to show love) does not diminish. It expands exponentially.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Pennsylvania

Just a few moments ago, this morning actually, I announced the inception of a new type of community. I wrote an invitation on Facebook for others to join me in the creation of this new community – I named it an “Alt Unity”. I’m extending the same invitation here, on the Grand Providentia United website, because that is why I started this site in the first place. I wanted to offer an alternative safe place to be, for those who’ve become disillusioned with current traditional communities.

I’ll lay out some of the dreams and intentions that brought me to the formation of this Alt Unity, and I’ll also describe some of the practical workings as I’ve envisioned them, in tomorrow’s entry. Until then, may your moments be free from fear and overflowing with love.

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