Film Journey in the Now

A Collaborative, Creative Projection in the Moment of Now

Gathering Awareness – Entry #8

When I first conceived of ‘The Grand Providentia Project‘ (about fourteen years ago), I didn’t title it as such. Back then, I presented the sculpture and the concept as the ‘American Dream Catcher‘. During those early moments of ideological conception, ego was still in charge of the lion’s share of my creative output. So, in my conceit, I regarded the title as being a masterful play on words; a clever blending of two well-worn phrases – the American dream and the (Native American) dream catcher. I took extra pride in the titling of the project, because in its clever combination of cliches, it simultaneously described the intended function of the artwork from its conception. In the here and now, the intended function has evolved, as has the title of the project. What was once ‘The American Dream Catcher‘ project, has currently evolved into ‘The Grand Providentia Projection‘.

“American Dream Catcher”-Then & Now-“Providentia”

The sculptural object depicted in these two photos is almost entirely physically identical. I made intentional changes to the patination and presentation of the artwork as it evolved into its current physical manifestation – the sculpture, ‘Providentia’. So, why did I change the title to ‘Providentia’? Mostly because profound intuition guided me to retitle the artwork this way. Also, when I researched the meaning of providentia, I discovered a definition that is true to the spirit of the entire project’s purpose. *”Providentia is the divine embodiment of prediction, foresight, and providence.” The title took root in my consciousness before I became aware of the definition, and so I knew intuitively that it was a divinely guided choice to make the change.

Earlier today, as I was meditating on the ‘Providentia’ project, I came to the understanding that what I once considered an art project was currently evolving into a collaborative, creative, projection of consciousness. The Providentia Projection is to be the subject of the surreal documentary “A True Story, as Yet Unfolding…” which I mentioned in the last journal entry.

Thank you for reading today’s entry! I truly appreciate your awareness here, and now.

*I was unable to find the original author of this definition, so I cannot give credit here.

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