Film Journey in the Now

A True Story, as Yet Unfolding…

Gathering Awareness – Entry #7

This is my understanding of our individual lives as human beings. As our true-life stories unfold, we are witness to the sum total effect that our past motivations, intentions and actions are having on our real-time journey, in the now. I’ve heard vehement protestations regarding this philosophy countless times. They’re made by well-meaning friends and family who cannot perceive, or refuse to perceive, that this idiom could be true. Many of these people hold firm to the belief that they are victims to the circumstances of, and innocent bystanders to, where they are currently situated in their own physical, mental and spiritual lives. They choose to live their lives as though they are not responsible for their motivations, intentions and actions, hoping they will not be held accountable for the results (successes or failures) they’ve created in their lives when all has been said and done.

Those of us who are consciously aware and living in the present moment are more likely to embrace the belief that we are the writers of own stories, the leaders of our own lives, and the architects of our own physical surroundings. In order to live an authentic existence, we feel compelled to accept accountability for the impact our intentions have on the world around us. We are motivated to send out intentions, knowing that every intention we send out has the potential to bring positive rewards or negative consequences, or both. In our awareness, we are prepared to accept all of the eventual implications our intentions have, not only the ones we are comfortable with.

Unintentional Beautification? – From the Hope Mill Collection

Some readers may be wondering, what does all of this talk about awareness and accountability have to do with my intention to earn a graduate degree in film? Here it is – I intend to create an ongoing, real-time documentary, infused with surrealistic and factual footage, blended in a way that defies the objective nature of our current physical sense perceptions. A true story, as yet unfolding…

In the next blog entry, I’ll be writing about the basic strategies I intend to use, to make manifest this intention. Thanks for reading today’s post, I look forward to meaningful interactions with some of you during our future moments together!

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