Film Journey in the Now

The Cosmic Picture

Gathering Awareness – Entry #6

Most of us have heard of “…the big picture perspective.” For more than a century, success coaches and motivational speakers, especially those who are primarily focused on financial success, have recommended that we keep our big picture goals in mind at all times, even while we are attending to the smallest details on our personal paths to success. I am in agreement with this strategy. I have adopted it on a daily basis for more than twenty years now. I’ve discovered that I am most successful at being presently aware when I expand the proverbial “Big Picture” to include every aspect of this life experience on the planet Earth. Beyond that, during occasional moments of extraordinary spiritual clarity, I’ve found that I’m able to expand my perspective much further, to include even the ‘cosmic picture’ of our successes (and failures) as human beings on this tiny blue planet floating within the expanse of space. In momentary awareness we might all have the capacity to perceive the cosmic picture. We are limited only by the lenses and filters we’ve chosen to see through. One day, I hope to experience the full breadth, the cosmic picture of human existence as it truly IS, not as our limited perceptions are currently presenting it to us.

Ruin or Ruby in the Rough? From the Hope Mill Series

If you read my last blog entry, you’ll remember that I promised to lay out the intentions that I sent forth back in January of this year. Well, the first intention I set, was to return to college seeking a master’s degree in film. Savannah College of Art & Design was my first choice because of its exemplary reputation as top college for film degrees, but I was also immediately attracted by the Savannah Historic District as a place to live while I was learning to be a filmmaker. Eight months’ worth of moments later, and I am residing in Savannah, Georgia, outside of the Historic District, but loving it here just the same! In the next blog entry, I’ll tell you why I set the intention to pursue a film degree. It has to do with the ‘cosmic picture’…

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