Here and Now

Can, Unity of Presence = Unity of Intention/Purpose?

Gathering Awareness – Entry #4

Absolutely, it can! If we are open to it.

Some of you who have read the previous three entries on this blog might be wondering where I’m going with all of this discussion about present awareness and joining together in the moment. Well, here’s the explanation for the invitation – This current moment, right now, is the one and only commonality that links every human being on this planet, and that commonality expands outward to include every plant, animal, rock, drop of water, grain of sand and molecule of oxygen within the Earth’s biosphere. Furthermore, the moment of now, is a commonality that we share with every mote of stardust at the outward reaches of our perceivable Universe. Of course, I am quite aware that our perceptions of distant galaxies and celestial bodies are not yet experienced by humanity in real-time, but I believe that one day they may be. More on that discussion later! Let’s get back to the invitation. The proposal is as follows – If one human being, one who is consciously aware and present in the moment of now, can put forth an intention to initiate change during future moments, and that human being is rewarded with a positive outcome or suffers the consequences of their ill-intent, then how much more effective would those intentions be if they were sent out by a multitude of human beings who were sharing a moment of common intent? This is the question which will drive a search for meaning and purpose during the remaining moments of my personal journey here. I have an abiding ambition that it will also include as many fellow travelers as are willing to take part in this synchronistic momentary exploration of conscious awareness. All are welcome here. There is no exclusivity in the now!

Granite Remains – From the Hope Mill Collection

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