Here and Now

What Comes of Our Moments Past?

Gathering Awareness – Entry #3

It’s been said many times, in many different ways, that the only time we ever really have, is right now. If that’s the case, why do we behave as if the past and the future are just as real, and just as deserving of our attention, as is the current moment? In my experience, the most meaningful answer to this question is provided by our intuition. We learn early in life that our motivations, our intentions and our actions in each successive moment will bring either negative consequences or positive rewards at some point during the moments that follow. We may not even be consciously aware that we know this, but intuitively we perceive this principle to be a basic truth in our shared reality. To put this in simpler terms, we are intuitively aware of our ability to manifest future circumstances through our actions and intentions in the now. Whether we choose to practice these intuitive abilities of manifestation or not, is entirely up to us.

Trouble x Two = The Black Cats of Jim Thorpe, PA

So, what comes of our moments past? In my own understanding, they become the raw materials that are used to weave the very fabric of our individual and our collective lives. We are now experiencing the resulting circumstances and situations which were born of a multitude of human intentions, both positive and negative, sent forth during the past moments of human existence. Depending on your outlook, the basis of this proposition might be welcomed as incredibly positive or rejected as extremely negative. Some of us will undoubtedly be inclined to point the finger of blame toward others in an attempt to explain the entire nature and substance of where they are in the now. Especially those who experience life as a hardship or something to be suffered through. Others will insist they have absolutely no control over the direction of their life journey. They’ll posit that they’re the helpless victims of an unfair reality. They’ll further claim that the ‘world’ they were born into is disinterestedly dictating every quality and quantity of circumstance available to them during their lifetime. Personally, I must admit that I have cloaked my persona with a blend of these two outlooks for a sizable portion of this life journey. At least until I came to the understanding that I am completely responsible for my own intentions, and directly accountable for my own actions, during every moment, past and present. I have introspectively embraced the outlook which holds that intentions put forth in past moments, whether they were put forth individually or collectively, are experienced as objective and subjective manifestations in this, the present moment.

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