Here and Now

Where Are We?

Gathering Awareness – Entry #2

On many occasions during this lifelong journey, I’ve asked the question (usually to myself) ‘Where am I?’. Far less often, I’ve asked the question ‘Where are we?’. Does this mean I’m self-absorbed, inconsiderate or narcissistic? Perhaps. More likely though, it is a basic instinctual inquiry, founded in the desire for self-assurance, and pursued with the end-goal of finding profound meaning and purpose in this existence.

Industrial Obsolescence” – from the Hope Mill collection

A few moments ago (yesterday), I invited anyone and everyone who was interested, to join me in the current moment. I asked for the courtesy of your presence in the moment of now. I asked if you could put aside worries and fears for a moment, and just be present. That invitation remains open for eternity. The invitation is made in every moment, to every human being that is open to accepting it. It is made by Life itself. Readers of this blog did not require my invitation to be present. Our capacity for presence is as open and unconditional as love, compassion, empathy or any other innate human characteristic. More often than not, it is fear which blocks our ability to be present. Fear opens the door to a broad range of distractions and perceptual distortions that can make it seem impossible to maintain presence, even for a moment.

So, when I ask the question ‘Where are we?’, I am not questioning our current physical position on the planet. Instead, I am asking where we stand in terms of present awareness. Are we lost in yesterdays, wrapped up in tomorrows, or are we here and now, facing life’s constant change with hopeful hearts and an indelible sense of wonder about where we’ll be in the moments yet to come. Please join me in the Now.

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