Here and Now

Welcome to Our Now!

Gathering Awareness – Entry #1

I am sincerely grateful for your presence in this moment! I’m even more grateful that you’ve chosen to spend a moment of our time reading this blog. Thank you!

Now is our time. It is our only time, so I’ll make this as brief and painless as possible. Please attempt to put aside the worries of the world in this moment. I know it’s difficult, because it’s something that I need to practice from one moment to the next, and the next, and the next. To be IN this moment, I believe it’s necessary to consciously decide to be OUT of other moments. Moments that have already past and moments that are yet to arise are irrelevant in this moment. Please choose to let go of the past and future for just a moment. It may mean that you’ll need to quiet the voice in your head, momentarily. That voice (your ego) will immediately try to distract you with regrets about the past or fond memories from the past that you might hope to relive. Ego will warn you that fearful things might happen to you in future moments, if you get distracted by the moment we are in right now. The ego feels threatened when you are present and aware, because ego insists on absolute control. When you are present in this moment, past and future moments are inconsequential, until you return your conscious focus on them, and in effect, you become unconscious and unaware once more. And when you choose to return to unconsciousness, aware only of your past and future, the ego regains control of your thoughts and reinforces the idea that the present moment is insignificant, while all the past and future moments are the only ones you should be concerned with. Your ego deceives you into thinking that past moments you’ve experienced sum up your life story until now. And furthermore, your ego wants you to believe that your future is dictated by those past moments, which, by the way, were undeniably present moments when you experienced them! So, if you can call out the ego and expose its mind games for what they are, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the unlimited potential of this current moment. Welcome to our now!

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