“If We Manage to Raise Our Personal Perspective Above the Low Walls of Negativity, We Can More Clearly Envision the Brighter Horizons We’ve Been Searching For”

I intend to grow. I intend to know. I intend to find deeper meaning and a fulfilling purpose in this lifetime. The maturation of these intentions will surely lead to the manifestation of a clearer spiritual vision and a healthier world outlook. There is, however, a formidable barrier to be surmounted before I can hope to fully realize these potentialities in my personal life. Negativity is the barrier. Transcendence is the pathway to moving beyond said barrier. Transcendence is a loaded word. Religion has often lay claim to the act of transcendence as being only available to the chosen few. Namely, those who are righteous and faithful followers of the specific edicts of a particular “God” or “Gods”. I must firmly assert the idea that spiritual, mental and physical transcendence are life qualities that we should all aspire to, regardless of our theological beliefs. A strong spirit of hopefulness will always rise and prevail during times of hopelessness. A positive mental attitude is a sure way to repel the negative influences many of us encounter with regularity in our intellectual, professional and social lives. And, if our bodies are in peak physical shape because we’ve been focused on transcending a sedentary lifestyle by eating healthy food and exercising regularly, then we will certainly be better prepared to face any unexpected physical challenges, as well as the ongoing bodily stresses of everyday life. Developing a transcendent outlook, can be the difference between leading a life of quiet desperation or one of enthusiasm and joy. The world offers us access to plenty of negative energy, and if we choose to align our own energies with that negativity, eventually we might habituate our personal outlook to harmonize with the negative side of life. In any given moment, we can also choose to transcend the negativity and embrace the positive energy of light and love that the Universe is offering each of us. I say, choose to transcend!

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