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Magnus Manifesto

In order to manifest any meaningful positive change in our lives, we must first be willing to commit our deepest intentions to the change we seek. A conscious decision in the present moment is all that is required to commit our intentions, thus permitting positive and progressive change to manifest. God and the Universe will always cooperate if our intentions are unburdened by fear and self-doubt. Remember though, that God and the Universe will also cooperate if our intentions are set forth with deep seated negativity attached to them. If we are putting out fear-based intentions, we are likely to be rewarded with fearful outcomes, or at the very least, outcomes that are dissatisfactory to our most positive expectations. In my experience, it is best not to become attached to any particular outcome, anyway. Better to remain flexible and trust in universal consciousness to manifest the most positive and appropriate outcome to our specific intentions. When we relax and enjoy the journey, with enthusiasm and joyful expectation, our intentions will always be rewarded with successful change and powerful personal growth.

My immediate intentions have been set since the beginning of this year. I intend to achieve a master’s degree in film, at the Savannah College of Art and Design in GA. While I am working toward the manifestation of a film degree, I will also be setting intentions to further the Grand Providentia project. With the unlimited potential of the Universe and the extraordinary communicative “reach” of film production forwarding this project, I am absolutely certain that the Grand Providentia will become manifest!

For admission to Savannah College of Art & Design I am required to submit a portfolio (film). The film will be focused on the mill and town of Hope, Rhode Island, where I spent my early childhood. In mid-May, I’ll be returning to Hope to start the film making process. I hope to meet up with some of my old friends while I’m visiting!

I also hope to be making regular weekly posts to this blog! Please subscribe if you are so inclined, it would be reassuring to know that there are friends who care about my progress toward this lifelong dream. By all means, feel free to comment, whether it is in agreement or disagreement with the views that I’m expressing here. And, may each and every one of you manifest your grandest dreams!

3 thoughts on “Magnus Manifesto”

  1. I’m happy to hear you are going to be back here in RI. I hope you have great success with your film. I agree with the positive look at life thought I do fail at it myself from time to time. I would like to see the making of the film if possible. Good luck with it . 👍

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    1. Thanks Ron! Hope is very different now, at least when I compare it with the exciting and active town I knew when I was a child. It’s a shame to see the degradation of the mill and surrounding properties. The practical purpose of this first film is to gain acceptance to SCAD, but the conceptual and spiritual message I hope to deliver through it is that hope is eternally available, just like love and faith, but it is our own personal choice to perceive and adopt these profound ideals as our own. Yes, I intend to share the making of “Restoring Hope” (working title) right here on this blog. I’m considering the addition of a podcast as well. This WordPress site has the capabilities for that. Next week’s post will be focused on ways to remain positive and hopeful even in times that seemingly aren’t conducive to maintaining a positive outlook. Thanks again for commenting!


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