Film Journey

“Living Creatively, as the Spirit Flies”

One of the basic tenants of mathematic geometry states that the shortest distance between two points in space is always a straight line. The term as the crow flies, loosely applies this mathematic formula to the distances we travel between locations on the face of the earth. Of course, as soon as we don our rational ‘thinking caps’, we realize that a crow cannot actually fly in a straight line for any substantial distance without crashing into a stationary object or plowing a furrow in the curved surface of our sphere-shaped planet, but we make allowances, knowing that the proverbial crow will most likely take the straightest route it can find. In the process of focusing my intentions on a major change of direction in my creative journey (toward Film Making), I’ve decided to loosely interpret the term as the crow flies to describe the future trail that I intend to blaze. In mind, body and spirit, I will attempt to fly in a straight line toward my intended creative goal. I’ve learned from a lifetime of experience that there will be setbacks, hardships and hurdles to overcome along the way, but I’ve also learned that we human beings have all the physical stamina, mental will, and strength of spirit we require to rise above every earthly obstacle in an effort to transform our lifelong hopes and dreams into our future reality.

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