“Systemic Regression Spurs Human Progression”

One of the obvious motivating forces behind any progressive change, is systematic failure. If a system isn’t working, then we are naturally motivated to change it. This is true with personal systems that aren’t working, and it’s also true of societal systems. The health crisis we are currently coping with, can simultaneously be perceived as microcosmic – As in, one individual’s systemic battle to overcome a disease brought on by a viral infection, and macrocosmic – In terms of the worldwide community’s response to the threat of an infectious disease which has ultimately revealed a multitude of weaknesses in our concerted global health systems. In both perceptions, and systems, there are apparent flaws leading us to a rational justification for progressive change. Progress is invariably a product of systemic change. Four Stacks          “Four Stacks” Photo taken at the decommissioned Steel Stacks, Bethlehem, PA.

Throughout the industrial revolution, industries relied on systems of production that are now considered archaic. These systems were designed by the best minds of those times, and undoubtedly they were initiated by intentions of progressiveness. The relics of our past ingenuity and progressiveness are scattered around the globe. They can act as signposts, pointing humanity forward, promoting the consistent evolution of progressive conscious awareness.

Ravine Grande Ravine, Port Au Prince, Haiti


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