“Why Waking One’s Wonder, Will Wash Away World Weariness With Watchful Wisdom.”

Florida Scape

Why, what?

Wonder why wondering’s so wonderful? Whenever I venture into the wetlands or woodlands outside the man-made trappings of our urban landscape, I am astonished how quickly the stress and worry of day to day life is diluted and soon washed away by the absolute wonder inspired by the Earth’s natural world. While exploring the cyclical movement of eddying waters, I’ll take note of the similarly falling leaves. Leaf buds nourished by the compost of their fallen ancestors, then quenched by the winter melts, are soon bursting in spring. Sunlight now filtered through their verdigris veins, bringing vitality and growth through the warmth of summer splendor. Then spiraling down again, in autumn’s colorful grandeur. Magical, mysterious Mother Nature.


Arboreal, Ancestral Acknowledgment – “We Have Been, and Shall Always Remain, Appreciative of the Trees. We Are Integral With Them. Both of Us, Equally Dependent Upon, and Supportive of this Naturally Wonderful Cycle of Life.”

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m letting these photos speak for themselves. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! I’m forever truly grateful for the connections I’ve made with so many beautiful people on this journey. Welcome to March, everyone! 



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