“Taking the Stairway to Positive Change”

Elevators and escalators are modern day, progressive innovations, often seemingly taken for granted by those who use them most often. These true marvels of engineering are constantly being improved upon and updated in order to continually accommodate the worlds increasing dependence upon their ingenious design attributes. They’re designed and engineered to vertically transport large numbers of people, in an efficient, and physically effortless way. Contemporary architectural masterminds are building taller and taller skyscrapers to maximize the potential of usable-office-space per acre, in the majority of metropolitan areas. The current, tallest building in the world, is the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. Its lofty spire is raised victoriously atop of 163 floors, its tip reaching 2,716′ above the ground below. For those who frequent buildings with 5 to 163 floors, elevators and escalators are usually considered the only practical ways to get to the top. However, if we are discussing the journey of life, and the upward pathways which lead to progressive and positive change on our individual life journeys, then I would put forth the notion that the proverbial stairway is usually the most practical and worthwhile choice.

Inside OutsideMy suggestion here is that taking the easy way is not necessarily the wisest way when it comes to the promotion of authentic personal growth. As physical trainers have monotonously pointed out – “If there’s no pain, there’s no gain!” I believe the same admonition holds true for those who seek to improve their mental, emotional and spiritual stamina in an effort to manifest positive change in their personal lives. It is a well known fact that choosing the physical exercise of the stairs over the convenience of the elevator, can promote a number of physical health benefits, including those related to the strengthening of the respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems, but I believe that metaphorical stairways can offer even greater benefits to our metaphysical health. In making this proclamation, I’m assuming that my readers are supportive of the idea that we are more than just physical beings on a material plane, and that our connection to each other and to the Universe at large, are both more firmly rooted into our personal life experience, than the day to day physical existence that our five basic senses can perceive.

The Path For most of my life, I’ve been exploring and experimenting within the realm of our individual and collective spiritual connectivity to God and the Universe, and the infinite potentialities that this grand spiritual connection implies. In childhood, I was taught to worship my God primarily within the Catholic Church. As I saw the connection between God and humankind more clearly, I realized that it felt more natural to worship God within All things, including my spiritual Self (Soul if you prefer). So, how does the ‘metaphorical stairway’ fit into my intentional, lifelong theological exploration? Over the years, I’ve come to recognize that my greatest strengths have been born out of the most trying and difficult experiences of my life. Whenever I’ve opted for the easy way out, it seems that I’ve learned the least and I’ve grown the least. And so, I’ve come to understand from a personal perspective, that the true treasures of this life experience are more often discovered in the individual steps of the journey. Therefore, taking the metaphysical stairway to rise toward personal growth, seems to make more sense than looking for the easy way up.


Performing annual patina maintenance on Buck McCain’s 15′ bronze sculpture “Invocation”.     

Thank you for taking the time to read the Grand Providentia United, Online Journal. Many of you know that I made a permanent home-base move from Florida to Pennsylvania this week. As a result, I wasn’t able to stick to my personal goal of writing an entry on Sunday or Wednesday this week, due to the extenuating circumstances of that move. I intend to get back on track this Sunday and hopefully stay dedicated to bi-weekly journal entries thereafter. As always, feel free to leave positive comments or negative criticisms about what is written here. I’ve recently deactivated my Facebook account (indefinitely), so from here on out, this is where you can read the latest Grand Providentia News. Your’s in peace, love and understanding, Scott Joseph Moore.   


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