“Spirit in the Cosmos”


Collective human consciousness appears to be our all-knowing tour guide on this mystical, metaphysical, time-based journey through space. Space, and the Universe as a whole, appears to be timeless, and therefore beyond the perceptual limitations of our understanding. Human beings have long attempted to attach a timeline to the perceptibly unknowable Universe, all in an effort to make sense of something that is, as yet beyond our capacity as individuals, to understand. This timeline, we’ve so-far managed to attach to the Universe, is utterly mind boggling, at least for most of us, in that it relies on theories and numbers which are incomprehensible to all but the specialists – Those few humans who’ve achieved doctorate degrees in astronomy, astrophysics, or other related scientific fields of study. To bridge the gap between the layman’s limited understanding of the Universe and the unlimited potential growth we might achieve if we develop a better understanding of said ‘Universe’, we’ve been outfitted (or should I say “infitted”?) with consciousness. Consciousness is the ability to perceive our own existence in the time-space continuum. Consciousness also seems to link us with other conscientiousness; other beings who share our ability to ‘know we exist’. In my limited understanding, the others who share consciousness with us, include, but are not limited to, all the known and unknown life forces of the Universe, not excluding spiritual and cosmic entities. I know! It sounds like transcendental mumbo jumbo, right? You may be thinking that I’ve been drinking too much red Kool Aid. Or perhaps that I’m drinking Kool Aid offered to me by the latest perfectly misguided cult leader. In answer to these and other entirely reasonable conclusions one might draw from this discourse focused on linking our consciousness to the Universe of Infinite Potentiality, I can only offer this solemn and sincere declaration – “Somehow, through transcendental exploration of conscious intention, I have come to “know” these philosophical and metaphysical pronouncements to be truth, at least in terms of my individual experiential perceptions of our shared reality. Furthermore, I would add that these ideas are not new, nor unique to, my personal explorations into collective consciousness, but instead they are a continuation of a long explored philosophical ideology linking our consciousness to “God” or the “Omnipotent Creator of this Astounding Universe.

DSCN9106 “Connectivity” – Watercolor study exploring the concept of collective consciousness. 

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