“Compassion Brings Purpose to Life”

Compassionate human beings are sensitive to the suffering of others. They attend to the struggles of their fellow travelers, often because it brings meaning and purpose to their own journey. Compassionate human beings are also sensitive to the joy of others. Making connections and nurturing relationships brings fulfillment and happiness to those of us who, through a mutual desire to find meaning, rise up together, to face the day to day challenges of our lives. Joy and suffering are both part of the human condition. These conditions are inseparable, in that a person cannot experience the former without having experienced the latter. As one who learns through the myriad experiences of the journey, I would no sooner give up the hardest trials of my life, than I would the most treasured celebratory occasions. Without appreciation for both, I could be grateful for neither.

DarkNLightThrough the challenges and victories of our compassionate life experiences, we are inspired to growth, encouraged to excellence.

Many of my regular readers may be wondering what this has to do with Wednesday’s blog post, in which, I wrote about the Artists Against Trump Exhibit and my experiences in New Hampshire, where we displayed the show in a public park. I went on to express my intentions of returning to a primarily apolitical existence, as was my nature before co-producing the exhibit. Well, for those of you who are wondering about the connection between compassionate living and the exhibition of volatile, possibly even dehumanizing artwork, I will continue today’s post with the following declaration of intention – In my decision to create the original Trump bust likeness, and following through to the showing in New Hampshire, I’ve maintained a constant awareness of my attachment to, and internal identification with, the artwork itself. In other words, I remained consciously aware of the potential damage the undertaking might have on my own compassion toward fellow human beings, including supporters of Donald Trump, and even Trump himself. Moral degradation of humanity is not something that I want to be involved with, nor party to. I prefer to uplift others, rather than tear them down. I find purpose and meaning in my life through compassionate interactions with other people. I find joy in the experience of unconditional love.


In conclusion, I’ve learned much about myself and others through the creation and exhibition of this artwork. I’ve learned that freedom of expression is inextricably connected to a personal responsibility for the expression’s consequences. If the viewpoint being expressed compromises my own moral integrity, then I need to know when and where to draw the line. Through introspection, I have discovered that the world of politics is not in harmony with the ideals that I aspire to. Politics are divisive, while I am seeking unity. National Leaders seemingly seek to dominate and control their citizens, while I seek beneficial alliances and mutual respect from mankind. I’ve often been admonished as a dreamer. I’ve been told that I am unrealistic and naive about the way this world works. If human decency, compassion and unconditional love (as ideals) are truly unrealistic in this lifetime, then why do I feel most alive when I practice them?


My Honey, Mamma Jean, and Your’s truly.

Life on earth is so beautiful, such a treasure to be appreciated. It’s also a fleeting experience, with a limited amount of time to enjoy the journey. It can be as meaningful and fulfilling as we can imagine it. It can also be as terrifying and treacherous as our fears can color it. Why would we choose to write the book of our lives without including a happy ending? Why would we paint a picture of this day without using the colors that bring us joy?


“Procreation” (1995?) oil on canvas 

Thank you for reading the Grand Providentia United – Online Journal! I am currently working towards the goal of re-energizing the Grand Providentia Art Project. This is an evolutionary, collaborative, and all inclusive creative expression, powered by positive conscious human intentions. In the coming months and years, I’ll be looking for all the help I can get to make this dream a reality. I’ll be putting out the call for assistance soon, but in the meantime, if you’re inclined to, please send positive thoughts and prayers toward this humanitarian movement.


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