Intuitive Migration to the North

Every time I mention to someone that I’m intentionally moving out of Florida and up to Pennsylvania I get a similar reaction. They usually look at me with disbelief and then they utter the first objection that comes to mind, almost always something to do with the cold weather in the north. I usually point out that the cold of winter in the north, is quite comparative to the heat of summer in the south. Having lived in Florida for nearly half of my life, and having worked through 20 summers in various open-door workshops, I can tell you from experience that the brutal heat and tropical weather of summer in the deep south, is in my opinion, equally uncomfortable to the freezing temperatures and snowy weather of winter in the north. So, weather-wise, I’d say it’s a wash.


Lido Key Beach, Sarasota County, the towering thunderheads of a summer sky in Florida. Some say it never rains here in the summer… it only pours… for a few hours… every day. Beautiful skies though!


This was a regular stomping ground in my young life. Here I enjoyed many adventurous hikes and fishing excursions (both illegal) at Ponaganset Falls, Clayville, Rhode Island. Whether in the cold of winter or the heat of summer this gorgeous area is one of the crowning jewels of the Providence Water Supply Board’s reservoir acreage.

With a little bit of introspection, I’ve recently discovered that I miss the seasonal changes of the north. So in spite of the drop in temperatures, I have come to realize that the relocation trade-off is a positive one, considering that I will once again get to experience and enjoy the four seasonal changes each year, including my lifelong favorite – Autumn.

Autumn New England

I must confess that this is a stock photo that I found online. Ordinarily, I use only my own photographs for posts on social media. As a creative person, I value and appreciate the time and effort photographers put forth to capture the imagery on film. In this case however, I decided that the content and spirit of this photo, is so harmonically tuned with my own nostalgic memories of the historic, Old Congregational Church across from the Village Green, in North Scituate, RI, that I could not resist the urge to abscond it.

To round out this blog post, titled “Intuitive Migration to the North”, I’ll follow my intuition to get to the heart of the matter on this move. I intend to move north for a number of practical, logistical and elemental reasons, the least of which is my climatic preferences. I’ll explain more of the reasoning behind this move in my next post on Superbowl Sunday. The way I see it, life is good, whatever the weather brings! Thank you for reading the Grand Providentia United Blog, I’m truly excited about the journey ahead! 😀

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