Setting Down Intentions

I intend to live intentionally. I want to consciously design and build a life that is suitable to my preferences. This requires goal setting, organizational planning, and follow through on a daily basis. For long term success, it will require a plenitude of willpower and persistence. For most of my life, I’ve been on an internal journey. It has revealed my personal weaknesses in ways that have often forced me to understand and accept my own limitations as a human being. I’ve learned humility. This internal journey has also taught me to embrace the whole of myself, both the strengths and the weaknesses. After years of struggling with inner conflict, I eventually learned to forgive myself for weakness and love myself for strength. I learned self-love.

Potato and MeI now find myself in the autumn years of this life, having spent most of it overcoming the inner turmoil of self-acceptance. It is time to externalize the journey. With a heart of gratitude, I will move forward, into the remaining years of my life on this planet, with conscious intentions to leave a legacy of positive change. This is the best way that I can honor the incredible gift of life I’ve been given by the God of my understanding.

One of the personal strengths (gifts) I’ve been given, is the ability to create powerful visual imagery. I intend to use this strength to forward ideals that are in harmony with the preservation of the Earth environment and humanity as a whole. Casting aside all self-doubt is not only beneficial, but imperative to the manifestation of this life goal. And so, this is a stepping out point in my life. An externalization and implementation of positive intentions through the voice of creativity. I personally believe that there is a Great Creator, God, and that God has given us all the power to create, for better or worse. It is our individual will to choose whether we create for the light of life or the darkness of death. I hope to move ever closer and closer to the light.

Many people who have been reading this journal may be thinking that the intentions I’m setting forth in this post are obscure, heady or over-philosophical. For those folks, I promise that this coming Wednesday’s post will be down to Earth and almost entirely pragmatic. In the next post, I’ll lay down the foundation for the logistics and physical work involved with the fulfillment of these intentions, in my artistic career, and my externalized journey into the future.

Dream Reflector



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