“Hanging With the Good Guys”

You might say we finish last. You might say we die young. You might even say the road to hell is paved with our intentions. We ‘good guys’ have heard all of that before. If you say these things to me, your words will have fallen on deaf ears. The way I see it, all these derogatory cliches are simply the worn out protestations of weak people. People who are choosing the easy way out. Every day, these bad guys compromise their internal moral compass, choosing bad and turning away from good, until finally, their conscience gets so jaded that they can no longer perceive where good ends and bad begins. In their habitual weakness, they’ve decided it’s easier to be selfish, unkind, greedy and hateful, rather than to rise up and walk on the high road, striving to be a more kind and compassionate human being.


Most of us are taught the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, helpful and hurtful, from a very early age. We learn things like sharing, caring, giving and receiving as soon as we’re old enough to practice and retain these positive social skills. Unfortunately, we also learn other, more negative social skills, such as selfishness, cruelty, carelessness and envy in our early life experiences. Some people decide early on, that they will not be taken advantage of, stolen from, bullied or abused. And so, they draw back and self-isolate, going on the defensive whenever it becomes necessary to  interact with others. Some go on the offensive, rationalizing the need to strike first, before they are hurt – they must hurt others, before they are robbed – they must rob others. Personally, I decided long ago, that I would always try to treat others as I would like to be treated myself. Many times, I have fallen short of this ideal, but I can honestly report that my intentions were focused on good results and positive interactions, even if they were unintentionally paving the road to hell. As a self-actuated ‘Good Guy’, I sleep with a clear conscience and a full heart. I wake each morning with the willingness and ability to care for others. I am grateful to be a good person. If indeed, all the good people of the world are finishing last, then I don’t think it’s a race that I’d want to win.


There are those who see it as a weakness to be kind to others. I’d be willing to bet that many of those very same people are waiting day after day, year after year, for someone to teach them the true strength of kindness.       

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