“Disorderly World Order”

During these tumultuous times, it takes great courage and stamina to maintain inner peace. While the world outside thrashes and whirls with the chaotic energies of hatred and greed, solitude becomes the only sanctuary for those of us who believe that war is madness. Assassinations and retaliations have never brought world peace in the past, therefore they are unlikely to work now. There is a well known adage, used regularly in the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous which defines insanity as “Repeating the same action (mistake) over and over and expecting different results.” I believe that there is sufficient historical evidence to suggest that war does not bring peace to anyone, especially those who are engaged in the battle. Whether military strategies and weapons of war bring the spoils of victory, or the agony of defeat for a particular nation, from my own perspective, everyone loses. How many times do we need to employ the war experiment, before we conclude that it does not equal peace, liberty or justice, but in fact annihilates all of these ideals? If it is peace I am seeking in this life, I know now that I may never find it externally. I also know that I cannot be at peace if I am waging a war within. So, I choose to look out on the madness of the world with disengagement while maintaining a full engagement with the spirit of peace in my soul.


Inner and outer worlds are often experienced as conflicting forces, causing intense emotional distress. In my opinion, it takes as much courage to stand up for your own inner value system as it does for a soldier to engage in mortal combat with the enemy that has been chosen for them by their earthly leaders.

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