“Material Worth vs. Self Worth”

How much am I worth? Not much – by societal standards.


I make this statement with clear and positive intentions, motivated only by a desire to understand the qualifications we place on ourselves and others. From the perspective of the society I live in, if I am not keeping pace with the immortal “Jones’s”, then I am considered below average in terms of material worth. In this modern world of economic progressiveness, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on material worth, simultaneously stripping away the intrinsic value of high moral character and a life well lived. When the final verdict comes down from the High Horsemen of Wall Street, we are served with the pronouncement that virtue and integrity are worthless, unless of course, we can take them to The Bank. Having spent my entire life journey in pursuit of the joy of personal fulfillment, I’ve discovered that my own treasures are not stored at the bank. They reside in my heart and my mind. I collect them through the meaningful connections I make with others, the momentary miraculous experiences of a “simple life”, lived in love, and the eternal unfolding of creative potentiality. Current reality dictates that I’m required to conform to the edicts of society or suffer a life of deprivation and destitution. In my resistance of those very same edicts, I prove them true. Self-fulfilling prophesy? I think not. I am learning to let society make its judgments without resistance or compliance. I accept the way things are. As part of that acceptance, I choose to author my own guidelines, as to what I perceive as valuable or worthless. I know my philosophy is contrary to the bulk of society, it could even be perceived as counterculture ideology. Nonetheless, I’ve long since left the intersection of material-worth verses self-worth in the dust of the past. Now I move merrily along the pathway of my life, toward joyfulness with an emphasis on abundance of heart and soul. I live in absolute gratitude for the treasures of a life well-lived.

Wherever you are, on the corporate ladder, the economic ladder, or the proverbial Jacob’s Ladder, you are invested with the treasures and blessings of your unique personal perspective. With the empowerment of free will, you have the opportunity to storehouse the greatest gifts of life, choosing Self-worth as your highest priority. 

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