“Unifying Your Self”

Being unified as a human Being, is an empowered state of Being. We are intended to be whole, not fragmented, compartmentalized or partially formed people.

DisfiguredAs we grow up within our local communities, whether we are raised as part of a family unit or we are one of the less fortunate people who start the journey without the loving support of a functional family, we soon discover that our survival depends largely on our ability to adapt to the standards and guidelines set by the people around us. We are told to behave in certain ways, think certain thoughts, adopt certain beliefs, and we are even en-trained to appear (visually) a certain way, all this in an effort to satisfy the “village” we are raised by. Unfortunately, this type of adaptation is often damaging to the integrity of our wholeness as individual human Beings. If we attempt to be ourselves, we are often told to get back in line, and Be like the others. The “others” are the normal people, the ones who do what they are told to do, and be what they are told to be. Here is where I’ll put forth the radical idea that the so called normal people, are in fact practicing a lifestyle of conformity that is detrimental to their wholeness. They’ve surrendered and stifled the majority of their Being, just to fit in with their local comm-Unity. They’ve sacrificed their own unity, in favor of collective unity. As a rational person, no matter how many different approaches I take to this fragmentation of Self, I can only perceive it as harmful to the development of a healthy individual identity. Most of us are in agreement concerning our complex nature as human Beings. Our personal identities, our conscious awareness, and our spiritual presence are all formed and solidified through a complex system of individual experiential growth. In the areas of our lives that have been stunted by conformity, there is a natural decay of identity. These “pockets of decay”, if left unattended, will spread and rot the integrity of the Wholeness of Being. If an individual manages to heal, consolidate, and integrate every aspect of their humanity, proceed to the loving of their whole Self, and in turn, they share this wholeness with the community around them, they will ultimately Be the authentic creators of a new reality. Societal dysfunction, as expressed through violence, protest and struggle, can (and will) be overcome by the unification of Self, thus transforming every family and community from the inside out.

The ripple effect of single drop. A single drop infused and empowered by Universal Potentiality. A single drop of Universal Love. 

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