“A Letter Written, In Honor of Self-Love”


Hello again, young Scotty! You are absolutely right, it has been a long time since I last visited, and for that, I apologize. Please don’t be nervous or upset, this visit is the polar opposite of the last one, 28 earth years ago. The last time I came to an even younger you, in desperation and despair. I came looking for reassurance. I came looking for a reason to live, having lost every connection to Self-worth, I was suicidal, yet too weak to put an end to us. But you know all that, and I’m not here to dredge up perceived failures from our shared past, or to bring any bad news at all. I’m not even looking for reassurance or anything from you. In the peaceful silence of our loving relationship, I bring you wonderful treasures from the seeds you did sow, on the pathway of life. The path of discovery that brought us to this moment. This moment is filled with light, love, peace and acceptance. I love you, Scotty. That’s why I’m here, to raise you up with a sweet story of personal redemption. Just a few moments ago, I joined an amazing group of human Beings, and accepted a challenge to rise to a new level of conscious awareness and growth. Three days after I joined, something amazing happened. I was working in the studio on some unsatisfying contract work. Please don’t worry little buddy, I see that you are getting nervous. So, I bring you reassurance. A hug from the future. I am so very grateful to be involved in the work of my higher purpose, so we are not about to go anywhere near the negativity of dissatisfaction during this visit. I want you to know that I love the act of creation. I love the studio. I love the feeling of being intimately connected to our work as an Artist. Now, back to my gift for you! I was working in the studio, enjoying the creative space and the busy work in the zone, when something miraculous happened. It started in the deepest depth of our Being, in the core of our Self, and came forth from within like a wave. A wave of pure Joy washed past, over and through us. All the years of uncertainty and resistance rolled right by us, leaving only joy and acceptance, I started to laugh. I laughed from deep within our core, as I’ve never laughed in our entire life journey. The quality of the laughter was alien to us, because the source of the joy was the Source of All Creation. I love you, Scotty. I am grateful beyond words for the gift you gave me earlier in our shared experience. Without the Self-Worth you reminded me of back then when I was on the doorstep of self-annihilation, I would never have experienced those few moments of pristine Joy. I would have never met my new Friend, Jesse Elder. Jesse, is the one who suggested that I visit you again. This gift of joyful reassurance is from all of Us. As a little boy, you were so caught up in the hopeful dreams of peace and love for the entire world. When you began to witness the darker side of life, it brought despair and hopelessness. You forgot how to love yourself. I love you, Scott Joseph Moore!

Within the 21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge there are five areas of life where we are challenged to grow. These areas are as follows – Energy, Enlightenment, Education, Economics, and Experience. This letter to the child within was written to meet a challenge of growth in the enlightenment arena. I’ll be bringing more of the Challenge into my daily journal here in the 13 remaining days of the challenge. If you want to know more about Jesse Elder and his programs, visithttp://www.jesseelder.com .

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