“Minding My Own Manifestations”


Whether it’s a gentle and caring nudge proffered to a beloved family member, or a full scale military invasion launched on another country (filled to capacity with distant family members), any and all attempts to enforce regulations on individual thought practices will not turn out well. The Laws of Universal Order will inevitably thwart the effort with chaos and dysfunction. Did you ever wonder why there is so much friction, so much revolution, and even outright rebellion in the world? Human beings apparently don’t take kindly to mind control. Being unique individuals by birthright, they prefer to set their own preferences when it comes to what they think. Thus, the realm of introspective thought was conceived, and its borders have been heavily defended ever since the realm achieved its sovereign status of Originality. Original thoughts are rare birds in the modern world? No, original thoughts are flooding into our shared consciousness with increasing and incredible abundance in this New Age of Enlightenment. What is rare? Original thought, expressed outward, through action and decisive intention. We humans are capable of manifesting miracles on a moment to moment basis, and yet we cower in fear, afraid to speak or act on our thoughts, because society tells us that we are ordinary, powerless, and our thoughts are irrelevant. Relevancy is dangerous; and individual thoughts expressed, are intimidating to who? To those individuals who would gleefully enslave all original thought if the Laws of Universal Order would stop thwarting their diligent efforts.

This is not a protest against the Thought Police. Personally, I feel that the whole protest strategy is a mode of thought which requires cooperative reconsideration. If the human race is to continue its expansion and prosperity within the material Universe, a radical shift toward unification of conscious intention will be required. This shift will render protest, rebellion, revolution, and all other forms of resistance, irrelevant to our mutual manifestations.    



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